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A Secret to Fake Faith Healer’s “No Surgical Knife” Operation (In the Philippines)

    Ever wondered why the internet is here today? Probably most of us is thinking “Because man is a super genius being.” Well the truth is internet is here to expose the truth about decades and even centuries of lies perpetrated by the devil in cahoots with his apostles. One of these lies is about the practice of many fake faith healers doing surgery without any knife or doing surgery just by their own bare-hand. Are […]

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Massage Therapy Is Always a Learning Process

Let me share an experience just happened recently – a “leg cramp.” I hope massage therapists can learn from it. The other Sunday of this month of January 2017, as we were waiting for the mass to start, my daughter came to me saying to see their fellow youth member of their choir. According to the young lady’s explanation: She sat down in a squat position while checking the cable connection of the computer they use. She […]

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Perplexing Questions of Massage Practitioners in the Philippines

What do you do when your client gave you tip after giving massage? An absurd question but it was asked? What will you advise?   I found this draft in my file I wrote two years ago. I think I should share it so that masseurs/masseuse who might have the same question will have an idea. This is about accepting TIPS. After our training in Tuina one afternoon, we happened to sat down with some of our […]

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How I Replace A Shoulder Dislocation?

It was 2:30am tonight when I finally yawned and felt sleepy, so, I put down the book about acupuncture points I was reviewing to familiarize myself about some of the important points and their use when there was a knock on our door. I thought we had a visitor who just arrived coming from the province. But the knocks sounded like it’s an emergency. I asked who was knocking to be sure it’s someone I know or […]

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Self-massage: For Tired Legs and Back Pains

This technique is very effective to relieve you of your back-pains and leg pains. Have you experienced walking and all of a sudden you have to drag your legs because they can’t seem to make a step farther? Or are you one of those people who get tired easily while standing even in a short period of time or after walking a short distance? My questions above are all based on the things I experienced, first, 15 […]

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