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Important Point for Abdominal Massage

There are times when massaging the abdomen feels like the problem you wanted to solve does not respond positively to the treatment. When I was learning and perfecting abdominal massage to treat backpain, sciatica, incontinence, I also encountered the problem. However, upon probing for points to correspond with the problem, it did not take long for me to discover a very important point to complete the treatment. Gall Bladder 26(Guide Point)If we look at the diseases/health problems […]

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Massage Technique To Resolve Women’s Painful Sex Problem

Massage is such a very powerful tool to help us for our illnesses as for prevention, first aid, and cure by stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanism through manipulation. One of the things massage benefit is help women to overcome painful sex. One of the signs a woman have a sure pain during sexual intercourse is when she has incontinence. Barring all other reasons, like an infection or STD the problem can be help by massage. The […]

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