A Secret to Fake Faith Healer’s “No Surgical Knife” Operation (In the Philippines)



Ever wondered why the internet is here today? Probably most of us is thinking “Because man is a super genius being.” Well the truth is internet is here to expose the truth about decades and even centuries of lies perpetrated by the devil in cahoots with his apostles.

One of these lies is about the practice of many fake faith healers doing surgery without any knife or doing surgery just by their own bare-hand.

Are you ready to know the truth? After reading this you can immediately try it yourself. Apply to your unsuspecting friends and family members!


I have learned about this secret long time ago in the late 80s from a friend who worked as assistant to a faith healer(who is now gone a few years back). He told me that the secret is in the cotton balls and the alcohol. I was puzzled because he did not say anything about the blood and the knifeless surgery! Until one day, I read an article where a real blood sample from a patient (of one fake faith healer) and compared to the blood taken from a blood claimed by the faith healer as the blood of his patient. The result? The blood types were not the same! So, I again got interested on how the technique was being done.

Then an idea dawn into my mind. I took a blood from a pig which our neighbor butchered. I dried the blood then cut it to different sizes. I took a ball of cotton and divided it also to different sizes then put the dried bloods inside them – presto, I am now ready to dupe people making them believe I can operate without using a knife.

But how will the blood ooze out on the skin? Simple, that’s what the alcohol’s role under the pretense as protection from bacteria!

How about the view of squirting blood? Just get some small plastics thin enough and easy to tear. Put inside them liquefied blood and be sure to have it hidden from the eyes of the onlookers. Of course, don’t forget the cotton balls unless you are expert like an illusionist who can operate without any cover.

How about the fats, and other stuffs remove by the healer? The same technique like the squirting blood. Just add chicken intestines and fats or anything you wanted to show the gullible believers to exaggerate your work and make them donate more money.

But why is it that many people claimed they are cured from their sickness? The question is what kind of ailments they had before they went to the healer? Headaches? body pains?

Observe that healers always use massage technique and many have assistants doing massage or called hilot in Tagalog and ilot in Ilocano term. For simple physical pains massage can take care of it. The hand alone is a very powerful tool for healing by just touching. Many of this fake faith healers were just practicing hilot but greed for money made them corrupt their G-d given gift. These hilots and mangngilot (Practitioner of ilot) became so arrogant that they claim they could heal everything including internal diseases and major injuries where it is very clear that medicine is very much needed. Then, some of them even taught it to others, specially to their assistants. So, there was the popularization of surgery without knife in the Philippines.

In fact, these modern healers are also giving drugs in tablet and capsule form while in the old days, healers are giving herbs.

Until now, there are still many “fake” faith healers doing their trade. One may say, “Yah, but the faith healer we know don’t charge, just a donation.” That’s true. However, count how many people are going there every day. And haven’t you noticed that many of them are selling items they claimed can help you.

There is one in Baler, Quezon, who ask for a donation of just P100 pesos for one time visit but requires all patients to at least be seen again the second day to complete the healing. The second time visit is to remove the cotton and thread he left inside your body. Still, the question is Why?), so, that’s Php200 pesos donation. According to the testimony of people going there, people are lining up as early as 4a.m in the morning. By 7a.m there will be more than a hundred people in the line, mostly coming from faraway places ( are being given special privilege to be serve first.) The point is, multiply that Php100 pesos by, say, a minimum of 50 people a day. He is a millionaire in a year. (Many of my massage clients went there, including my brother in law).

Here is another one in La Trinidad, Benguet. The people who are going there are women desperate to conceive a child. One of my clients said, that though the service is free, the woman requires them to buy an item first before she serves them.



To be fair, faith healers help people, too. A hilot – faith healer who was residing in city camp, Baguio City, in the late 90s, told the aunt of my wife to stop taking medicine for her high blood pressure and go ahead bear a child. The aunt of my wife followed the advice and after more than a year, she had a healthy baby girl. But that was a long shot gambling betting her life for the sake of having a child. I am glad she won. During the visit, the healer told us he can heal anyone who have cancer, and even aids. One day, one of our used to be neighbor went to ask the hilot to turn upside-down her uterus so she will not bear a child for the reason she was going overseas. After five months, when it was time for her to go, a medical check-up was done and it was found out she was four months pregnant.

The truth is, all healing, whether scientific, traditional or fake healing requires FAITH and TRUST from the patient. But, I wish people are more informed so that fake healing is removed from the picture.

NOTE: All information written here is only for discussion and entertainment only.

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