Abdominal Massage Procedure: Facing the head (Thumb-Push)

“Learning massage therapy can give you a tool that will help you ease many of your pains; Mastering it will lead you to discover how to treat them, and help others.”

I call it thumb-push because the thumbs are the main fingers to use in doing the work.

1. Facing the head of your partner, stay on the level of the hip or in a position where the patient feels the pain. Be sure that when you do the work you are not exerting effort – you must be relaxed

2. Apply some oil over the abdomen and rub in circular motion and semi-circular motions, with slight shaking movements to loosen the intestines and the entire abdomen.

3. Now, form a semi-W with your thumbs touching each other on their tips. Put them on top of the lower abdomen, which is about 1-2 inches away from the center of the pubic bone. Touch the top of the pubic bone as your guide. Be sure that the thumbs’ fleshy pads are flat on the skin of the abdomen.

Figure 1 Abdominal Massage (Facing the Head)

4. Now, push in the thumbs slowly and gently moving back and forth, as you try to dig inside the concave of the pubic bone – without lifting your thumbs off the skin. The purpose is to put the thumbs below the intestines. See Figure 1.

5. When you’re deep enough (about 1-2 inches), turn your thumbs so that your nails are in front of you. Then start to push upwards slowly and gently towards the navel. As you push, move your thumbs in a shaking move to reduce the pain.

6. As you reach the navel, slowly release the pressure. Repeat several times covering completely the lower abdomen but give more time to the side of the problem.

During the massage, be aware of knots. When you found one, try to break it by applying thumb pressure. However, do not try to hurry up in breaking it down. You can leave it for now after a few minutes of manipulating then continue to break it again on the next session. There are knots that it takes time before they soften and eventually goes away.

The Aim of Abdominal Massage

1. Strengthen muscles of the abdominal wall

2. Restore the elasticity of the intestines


1. Gurgling/Flushing sound of water, and air. On the abdomen itself you will feel like some
pockets are being drained of water

2. Feeling of a slight pain in the testicle where a vein/nerve is like being pulled up and a feeling
of like a vein connected to your penis is stretched

3. A nerve or vein feels like being stretched on the leg down to the foot with a problem, or on the back

4. Some pains in the abdomen during massage. First timers should do it slightly at first for few days then try to go deeper each time until the pain is tolerable. The pain will become insignificant as time goes on.


1. Abdominal cramps
The only thing that bothered me after abdominal massage, but this is natural when it is your first time to have the therapy. It is like having exercise for the first time. However, you can relieve it by applying light rubdown on your abdomen with oil. It usually lasts few days.

Frequency of treatment

1. First time, at least up to two times a day

2. Then once every other day to two times – three times a week

3. Every time you feel the problem is back. This is like having a ready pill to take whenever you know you have recurring headaches.

How long do you wait until it is fully “cured?”

1. I do not know about cure, because of our life-style habit, the problem always reoccur unless you make changes on your life-style – physical activities, and diet. However, considering we made changes towards full recovery then it will take at least a year or more and expect the problem to come back occasionally that is why it is important to learn the technique with your partner to have it handy each time the problem reoccurs.


If you have other health concerns, be sure to see your doctor to rule out any other problems.
If you have chronic constipation, be sure to start it lightly and go deep only when your bowel movements improved which might take a month or more. Eat more fruits, and vegetables.


Remember, even the best treatment could not result to miracle if the other basics of maintaining health are not done, such as rest, diet, exercise/physical activities, and self-discipline (spiritual)

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