Abdominal Massage Therapy

Back massage is for back-pains, and shoulder pains; abdominal massage is for prostate problem, incontinence, hemorrhoid, testicular pain, hernia, indigestion, heartburn, constipation, sciatica, gas pain, ulcer, and sexual pain for women, and many more illnesses (that could be uncovered during treatment) which are responsive to the therapy.

Looking at the lists of problems abdominal massage can treat, give us the idea that this therapy must be given a much-closer look? Nevertheless, what is causing those problems that prompt us to use abdominal massage therapy?

Prolapsed of the internal organs (Stomach, Intestines, uterus) is the main culprit.

I cannot explain the medical explanations why organs prolapsed, but the internet can provide us vast answers why. Nevertheless, in my own understanding, when the intestines, and stomach lose their elasticity, as age advanced and inactivity sets in, they prolapsed pushing all the organs below them. Prolapsed intestines will cause constipation, bloating, and hemorrhoids. It can also press the bladder, which would also press the prostate organ for men. This action would irritate the prostate triggering the organ to keep working giving men the feeling of wanting to urinate, and incontinence. Since it is overworked, it results to shorter erection and immediate ejaculation or no erection and ejaculation at all.

Prolapsed uterus and cervix for women will result to urine incontinence, sexual pain, back-pain, and other plethora of problems that doctors usually declare, simply, as another kind of illness. Sciatica, for instance, is always diagnosed as caused by a problem on the spine.

Anyways, the point is prolapsed of the organs is not given attention by many health practitioners – an oversight that results to misdiagnoses of symptoms.

Unlike back-pains where you know it is your back muscles that are in need of attention; abdominal massage is not always ask because when there is pain “coming from the abdomen” it is counted as another kind of complaint, which massage is not given preference. But what abdominal massage can do? By massaging the abdomen, the massage therapist can replace the prolapsed organs back to their original positions. In addition, massage initiates the muscles to regain their strength preventing them to prolapse again. Massage can be painful at first, thus a light pressure is first applied to relax the abdominal muscles, and then a deep massage follows to either push or pull up the prolapsed organs. Repeat the session every day, or many times each week whenever the problem occurs. It’s like having a stock of pills for headaches to have it ready when headaches attack. That is why I recommend that couples must learn the technique. In addition, to be more effective, a physical activity like jogging, exercises that target the internal organs, and abdominal wall, losing weight must be encouraged.

Abdominal massage is very popular in the suburbs of the Philippines to help a woman conceive, and used by skilled midwives to help a woman hasten her labor. My wife had had trouble bringing out our first child, because as one of the nurse said the baby must be in a breached-position, until the attending midwife manipulated her abdomen to turn around the baby inside the womb and positioned the head on the right place. My wife said there was considerable short pain when she did that, but it was a big help for in less than a minute the baby came out immediately.

However, in the contrary, sad to say that as much as abdominal massage is popular for its ability to help, it is also a very well known method to induce abortion.

In all the places I went to have massage session the abdomen is always not touch or is given only the oil rub but never a good massage. Even during the time we were kids learning massage, the older boys, and our parents never taught it to us.

Unlike back-massage, which is well known to treat back-pains, the reason why abdominal massage is not widely practice is its sexual connotation, physical embarrassment on the receiver, and the most likely is the lack of knowledge about its enormous therapeutic power to treat problems. Thus, the only time it is requested for its therapeutic value is when a woman needs help to conceive and hasten labor, or when it is asked for its “Evil Value” – when a woman needs to eliminate the life she conceives.

The time I got interested with it was 12 years ago when I had sciatica, problem of urination, sexual problem, testicular pain, abdominal gas, heartburn, and other inexplicable feelings. As I have said in many of my previous writings, I discovered it with the help of a friend and was able to cure myself of an illness that would have put a westerner under the sharp edge of a surgeon’s knife.

I believe, it will not take much time, and the method will become a number one skill to learn for its simple and powerful therapeutic effect to the body.

My only fear is when the medical pundits conspiring with the druggists and self-serving scientists will do all their bests to discredit it.

What do you think?

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