This website is created for the following purpose and intended audience:

  1. To spread and reinforce the importance of massage as a powerful tool to PREVENT AILMENTS, FIRST AID FOR AILMENTS, and as a COMPLIMENTARY TOOL TO CURE SICKNESS.
  2. For people who are interested in natural therapy with the use of MASSAGE.
  3. For massage therapists who want to learn new things about the use of massage as an ancient tool to cure body pains, and ailments.
  4. And since massage cannot treat all kinds of problems, local massage practitioners are expected to always have an alternative knowledge about natural remedies; thus, one will find here posts about natural, and practical ways to treat them, which are based on knowledge I learned, observed, and personal experiences.

Dear readers;

You will find that the topics here will be much different from the modern techniques and ways of massage being teach in the school of massage, especially in the west. You may think that because the techniques are so odd you will reject it outright. However, all of these were applied and used by me to treat myself, and my customers before I took the pains of writing them down to share it with interested readers like you.

I am sharing them here to give an idea to the practitioners who really want to learn the therapeutic power of massage. I believe that learning from the experiences of others is still the best way to learn, because that was the way the first practitioners learned, and the way I learned and learning.

In addition, practicing it with yourself, with your family, and with friends, is the best way to master it.

I saw the power of massage first hand as a young boy. In a poor country, like the Philippines, it is seldom that people in the rural areas go straight to the hospital when they are suffering muscle pains, headaches, joint dislocations, and many more. In fact, graduates of Physical therapy, and doctors are, so, jealous of masseurs/masseuses who do not know about anatomy, and physiology because some, if not, most people trust them more.

Based on what I saw and experienced, MASSAGE is a very powerful tool for first aid, treatment, and is one of the most effective prevention for ailments of the body. I am hoping that the little advances it made as being accepted to be used for the recovery of patients will be supported by more doctors.

I am sad, that this power is being disregarded by most practitioners, due to the influences of jealous medical practitioners, and drug manufacturers. Furthermore, practitioners nowadays, specially in the west are more influenced by the business aspect of the profession, instead of the human drive to use it for helping people.

I am so worried; that it will be corrupted like the Doctor’s profession, where in money is the motivational factor of people in learning the techniques of massage. When money is behind the motive of learning a profession, the effectiveness cannot be seen in the person being given the treatment. That is why the local practitioners do not want to get payments as much as possible because their power will diminish – then eventually lost.

So, my appeal to you massage practitioners, learn massage for the love of it, and treat it as a gift from G-D. You are lucky that this is now open to all interested to learn its magic and is no longer confined to the so called “Gifted Ones.”

Let us therefore learn from one another, and share what we know, and don’t be so selfish or egoistic that because a practitioner came from a poor background, and not gone to a prominent school, that you looked down upon them. Remember your mastery of anatomy and physiology is nothing when you do your job without your heart. Remember, too, that the first practitioners of these divine profession did not go to the schools like yours, but they learned it from doing and from the help of the ONE above who revealed it to them, so that we who are interested will learn from them.

Thank you, and G-D Bless our work!