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Tips for Patients taking Dialysis

      I have some customers of massage who are taking dialysis due to kidney failure. Most of them complains of being weak after few hours connected to the dialysis machine. However, there is one who said he doesn’t feel drained after each session. Here is his tip: 1. Do not remove more than what your body can take. His doctor advised him how much fluid needs to remove through dialysis. Currently, he is being cleaned […]

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How Massage Can Help Stroke Patients?

Years of experience as massage therapist made me learned massage ALONE cannot cure or heal stroke patients as claimed by many so called “gifted” massage practitioners in the Philippines. It helped stroke victims recover, yes, but not as an exclusive therapy!   How massage help?  Massage works well as the first step to reactivate muscles before any physical exercise is given.  Massage passively assists the muscles improve its strength faster than waiting for time to heal it. […]

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The best way to avoid acid reflux and how to relieve it

There are lots of advice from the internet and books on how to manage your heartburn but most of it are just temporary relief or it doesn’t work at all. From experience, I learned the best way to not have it is to avoid it. Which means never develop heartburn in the first place because it is not a very good experience. It can lead to many sickness, such as, diabetes, heart problem, chest pains or angina […]

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Seek Ilot (Massage Therapy) First Before Any Surgery

It astounds me to find out that many people were offered surgery, or had surgery to remedy their “simple” pains, such as back-pain, shoulder pain, and numbness in their hands. My (Kumare) friend whom I just gave ilot therapy this evening, said she had a surgery two years ago to remedy the numbness and pain she has been suffering with her left hand and shoulder. The surgery is called Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion(ACDF) which is according […]

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A Secret to Fake Faith Healer’s “No Surgical Knife” Operation (In the Philippines)

    Ever wondered why the internet is here today? Probably most of us is thinking “Because man is a super genius being.” Well the truth is internet is here to expose the truth about decades and even centuries of lies perpetrated by the devil in cahoots with his apostles. One of these lies is about the practice of many fake faith healers doing surgery without any knife or doing surgery just by their own bare-hand. Are […]

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