Can You Massage Psychological Pain?

One of our friends who is a very good massage therapist told us a story about treating a patient who asked his service to treat his body pains.

In the course of the treatment, our friend don’t sense that much problem of his customer’s muscles and that what the patient needed was just only a relaxation massage – not to treat body pains as the patient’s claimed. He suspected the patient might have other internal troubles causing the pains.

So, after the treatment, which he gave relaxation treatment instead of therapeutic one, he could not help himself to ask what was really bothering his patient.

The patient opened up and told a story happened two months earlier.

He is a runner who participates in many events organized by organizations which usually called “Run for a Cause” to help somebody who needs financial assistance to ease their burden financially.

To attract more participants cash prizes are always the major prize given to winners.

Our friend’s patient said he was supposed to win the third prize which had significant amount at stake but he was unlucky to lose. It should have been a big amount of money! He could have accepted the lose if he hadn’t found out later on that the third place winner cheated by taking advantage of the still dark morning and ran on a shortcut route different from the official route determined by the organizers in which case an automatic disqualification.

When he recalled what happened during the day of the contest, the third placer was very friendly on shaking his hands and even telling him “Thank yous” many times which he did not suspect something pretentious behind the very grateful acts.

Few days after the contest, a close friend he saw, who happened to know the third placer, told him what the third placer did.

Upon knowing the real story why he lost the prize(not the contest) he was not able to concentrate and hate over the cheater was in his heart and mind.

My friend, who learned to become like a psychologist from other patients’ psychological distress, did his best to tell his patient to learn to forgive and move on, else, he pointed out the many pains his patient wanted to be treated are not existing as a result of not letting go.

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