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Massage Therapy Is Always a Learning Process

Let me share an experience just happened recently – a “leg cramp.” I hope massage therapists can learn from it. The other Sunday of this month of January 2017, as we were waiting for the mass to start, my daughter came to me saying to see their fellow youth member of their choir. According to the young lady’s explanation: She sat down in a squat position while checking the cable connection of the computer they use. She […]

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How I Replace A Shoulder Dislocation?

It was 2:30am tonight when I finally yawned and felt sleepy, so, I put down the book about acupuncture points I was reviewing to familiarize myself about some of the important points and their use when there was a knock on our door. I thought we had a visitor who just arrived coming from the province. But the knocks sounded like it’s an emergency. I asked who was knocking to be sure it’s someone I know or […]

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Beware: Head Injury That Doctors Think can’t Kill But Kills

A few months ago, I went to visit an uncle who was hospitalized because of stroke – for the second time-in Quirino province. That is a place found in region 11 in northern Luzon of the Philippines. During the visit, there are other stroke patients in the room and we exchanged many stories about problem. One thing came up as caused by stroke that seems to be not being given attention is caused by a hit on […]

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Simple Remedy for Itchy Ear

Here is one the things I enjoyed doing when we were kids and still enjoying it today. And, not only me now, my little girl who is two years old like it very much that a day will not pass by without her getting a feathering in her ears. Ear feathering was a common practice we learned from our parents. We use feather which we removed hairs from the bone while a centimeter of few hairs are […]

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The Power of Tandok/ Lolop or Ventosa

Lolop (Loo= pronounced like the O in the word Too; Loop= like the word Loop), this is using the mouth to suck dead blood out from the person’s veins affected; Tandok (Tan = Tan; dok=look), this is the use of a special stones or some people use a horn from a deer. These methods of health remedy have been a traditional practiced by “gifted” Filipino healers for a long time together with massage(Ilot= ee-Loot) and herbology. Until […]

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