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The Power of Tandok/ Lolop or Ventosa

Lolop (Loo= pronounced like the O in the word Too; Loop= like the word Loop), this is using the mouth to suck dead blood out from the person’s veins affected; Tandok (Tan = Tan; dok=look), this is the use of a special stones or some people use a horn from a deer. These methods of health remedy have been a traditional practiced by “gifted” Filipino healers for a long time together with massage(Ilot= ee-Loot) and herbology. Until […]

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Massage Technique to Save Your Knees

I am amaze to know that many players in sports are in jeopardy of retiring earlier than their age should dictate just because their knees are giving up too fast. And I am worried that two of my favorites will be forced to retire soon because of their knee troubles. I cringe that their physical therapists, including their health physicians cannot do anything despite perhaps having the most advanced technology they have to solve the problem. As […]

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Painful Achilles Tendon: Flat Footed Slippers, Sandals, and Shoes Might be the Culprit

One of my patients on massage called me yesterday to give them (with her mother, and older sister) massage therapy at their home. She complained that her left achilles tendon is painful. I asked what might have caused it but there is nothing she can remember. All she knows was she was carrying vegetables she bought and was walking when the pain started to bother her. From that explanation, I asked if she was wearing slippers that […]

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Cupping for Emergency

Cupping is well known in the Philippines but of a different name – it is known as Tandok(Tan-dook). It came from the name of a stone being used in the old times that according to my uncle’s story is a set of three stones. However this stone, I doubt, if it still exists. Probably the heaven who gave it as free took it away because people are using it for money’s sake and no longer serving its […]

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The Real Cause of Asthma and Simple Prevention

The experience I had about asthma had me question the reason(s) modern medicine is giving as the cause of asthma. I just can’t believe why most medical pundits say lung infection is causing asthma. My experience taught me Asthma is not primarily about the lungs. Lung problem only occurs because air does not reach it during attack which causes it to be stressed and if this is repeated many times, then the lungs will eventually be affected […]

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