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Penile Exercise

        Sorry, but the title is in fact about simple body stretching that could help promote circulation to your penis, and help correct your erection problem. Aside from the penile massage, I found exercise that has a direct effect on maintaining the health of our (men’s) pride. The exercise is very simple, and the effect of the stretching can be felt on the penile trunk, and sometimes even going to the tip of the […]

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How to Get Rid Of Itchy Callus

As a young kid grown up in the farm, I experienced what not about physical problems, from dislocations, back-pain, muscle pains, foreign objects getting into the eyes, wounds from sickle, and many common problems farmers get – I got them all – and the one of the things I want to share here is an itchy bottom of the foot. I am sharing it here because I just had a problem about an itchy callus which bothered […]

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Home Remedy For Sweaty Palms and Feet

The simple remedy I am going to share is something that might make most readers growl in disbelief, especially, people of the modern world who instead of becoming modernized are becoming backwards of their knowledge because they simply make simple things very complicated. They may even accused me of quackery, as they fondly call the old traditional health practitioners who give health advices, because their modernized doctors said there was no study that can back it up. […]

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Point To Massage for Angina Pectoris – Part 11

I discussed about a point on the back to treat angina pectoris, however that is not complete without also treating a point on the chest itself. I am not saying that the point of the back is ineffective, nevertheless there are times the point is not enough to stop the chest pain. In that case, we need to treat another point found exactly at the opposite of the point on the back. This technique is very useful […]

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Point to Massage for “Angina Pectoris”

Chest pain when breathing is alarming. However, when the doctor says the result of your entire laboratory are all saying you’re healthy, then, I guess the problem is a pulled muscle or cramp which is affecting a nerve, connected to the diaphragm muscles, that causes chest pain when you breathe. If you are a hard worker, athletic, then the possibility is you strained a muscle on your back. The problem also is a recurring one. It comes […]

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