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Perplexing Questions of Massage Practitioners in the Philippines

What do you do when your client gave you tip after giving massage? An absurd question but it was asked? What will you advise?   I found this draft in my file I wrote two years ago. I think I should share it so that masseurs/masseuse who might have the same question will have an idea. This is about accepting TIPS. After our training in Tuina one afternoon, we happened to sat down with some of our […]

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Self-massage: For Tired Legs and Back Pains

This technique is very effective to relieve you of your back-pains and leg pains. Have you experienced walking and all of a sudden you have to drag your legs because they can’t seem to make a step farther? Or are you one of those people who get tired easily while standing even in a short period of time or after walking a short distance? My questions above are all based on the things I experienced, first, 15 […]

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Can You Massage Psychological Pain?

One of our friends who is a very good massage therapist told us a story about treating a patient who asked his service to treat his body pains. In the course of the treatment, our friend don’t sense that much problem of his customer’s muscles and that what the patient needed was just only a relaxation massage – not to treat body pains as the patient’s claimed. He suspected the patient might have other internal troubles causing […]

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Massage Remedy For Eye Problems

The title of this article should be “Eye Massage unrecognized remedy for eye problems,” but due to a comical turn of event it changed to the title now – “Massage Remedy for Eye Problems.” One of my patients who had a mild stroke told me about his brother whose eyesight is getting lost. The brother is young at the age of 36 and with four children. He asked if I have any idea about the problem because […]

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Ilot Therapy Saved his Mother from Death

His mother had a stroke and brought to the hospital. Luckily the doctors and nurses were able to revive her after she was thought to be dead. After she was revived, however, the doctors told them she had no chance to recover and may passed away anytime soon. So, some members of the family went home to prepare the house and everything for the inevitable passing of their mother. She was unconscious and the blood pressure was […]

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