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Inner Thigh Cramps

It was already late at night when I received a call from one of my customers of massage asking if I can go visit her brother because he is having a leg cramp which started two days ago. I was thinking it was probably a simple one, but when I saw him and the problem it was more complicated than I expected. He had to stand up slowly and be careful not to make a wrong move […]

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Simple Massage for Simple Headaches

Do you feel like going to bed because you’re feeling sleepy due to your headache, or you cannot concentrate on what you’re doing because of headache, or feeling like you need to recharge at least a minute? I have seen people like that and many of them have the problem while having an important meeting, or activities that require them to be present thus they have no way to rest until they could feel better. One of […]

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A Masseur’s Ingenious Technique

When we had our training in Tuina therapy five months ago sponsored by the Department Of Health of the Philippines, I had a chance to meet massage therapists from the remote places of Cordillera. During our breaks, we had a chance to ask the others to give us treatment, like, when one have headaches, back-pains, and other physical discomforts. I found that most of those attendees were novice; however, a few I can consider as closed to […]

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Supplemental Massage to Enhance Sex Vitality

The most common question asks by men when they hit 50’s is what points they can stimulate to enhance their sexual energy. This is the reason I thought of sharing what I know about the other points we need to always massage in order to help keep our sexual vitality in good condition. This technique is better learned by both partners so they can do it anytime when the needs come or as maintenance not only for […]

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Is Massage Addicting?

Many people are saying they are addicted with massage because they feel their body is always aching to have it and this is one of the reasons why some don’t want to try it or does not want to have it again. At first, I thought it was just kind of a joke that people were saying it is addicting because they don’t have money, or they wanted to tease and stop their friends in having it. […]

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