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Simple Massage for Simple Headaches

Do you feel like going to bed because you’re feeling sleepy due to your headache, or you cannot concentrate on what you’re doing because of headache, or feeling like you need to recharge at least a minute? I have seen people like that and many of them have the problem while having an important meeting, or activities that require them to be present thus they have no way to rest until they could feel better. One of […]

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A Masseur’s Ingenious Technique

When we had our training in Tuina therapy five months ago sponsored by the Department Of Health of the Philippines, I had a chance to meet massage therapists from the remote places of Cordillera. During our breaks, we had a chance to ask the others to give us treatment, like, when one have headaches, back-pains, and other physical discomforts. I found that most of those attendees were novice; however, a few I can consider as closed to […]

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Supplemental Massage to Enhance Sex Vitality

The most common question asks by men when they hit 50’s is what points they can stimulate to enhance their sexual energy. This is the reason I thought of sharing what I know about the other points we need to always massage in order to help keep our sexual vitality in good condition. This technique is better learned by both partners so they can do it anytime when the needs come or as maintenance not only for […]

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Important Point for Leg Fatigue, Sciatica and Varicose Vein

This point is one of the points I discovered to be very important in managing leg fatigue, sciatica like pain, cramps, and probably to prevent the formation of varicose veins or even improving it. Don’t worry when you feel a thumb-size lump, it shows you found the right spot. It varies in size and rigidity. It can be quite painful; hence, precaution and measured pressure must be observed when it is being work on until the patient […]

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Penile Massage 11

In general, getting a full body massage to promote a good fluid circulation of the body is the best start. Now, if you’re getting it regularly, request from your masseur to give more attention to these parts of the body and use the suggested techniques: 1. Whole Back – A. Light to medium thumb pressure between the spinal bones. Key: Use the edge of the thumb to have a better contact on the connective muscles. B. Thumb […]

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