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Massage Remedy for heartburn

Acid reflux or heartburn is a simple problem, but if it is not check, this could be an indication of something worse to come if not given attention early enough. I have a hunch that people who have problems with their pancreas, stomach ulcers, and other internal problems suffered from this simple health nuisance, like feeling nauseous, and regurgitation, before it developed to a chronic problem. I believe everyone experienced it, not only once but many times. […]

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Penile Massage

Men do you have these following problems? Here is a priceless secret I am going to reveal to you. 1. Always feel a stinging sensitivity in the tip of your penis when you urinate. 2. You feel itchiness where the urine passes through. 3. A feeling of like never finished urinating and no matter how you wiggle to the right and to the left you still always catch a drop of urine in your underwear. 4. Weak […]

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Learning Massage And Its Effectiveness

Until yourself had proven it, I cannot really tell how effective massage is. But, based on my experiences- it is very effective- as pain reliever, first aid, and cure for simple ailments. Let us take headache as an example. A thumb or finger pressure on your occipital point can stop your headache immediately. However, there are different headaches. So, you may have to find those points that can give you the relief you need. I have to […]

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