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Seek Ilot (Massage Therapy) First Before Any Surgery

It astounds me to find out that many people were offered surgery, or had surgery to remedy their “simple” pains, such as back-pain, shoulder pain, and numbness in their hands. My (Kumare) friend whom I just gave ilot therapy this evening, said she had a surgery two years ago to remedy the numbness and pain she has been suffering with her left hand and shoulder. The surgery is called Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion(ACDF) which is according […]

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A Secret to Fake Faith Healer’s “No Surgical Knife” Operation (In the Philippines)

    Ever wondered why the internet is here today? Probably most of us is thinking “Because man is a super genius being.” Well the truth is internet is here to expose the truth about decades and even centuries of lies perpetrated by the devil in cahoots with his apostles. One of these lies is about the practice of many fake faith healers doing surgery without any knife or doing surgery just by their own bare-hand. Are […]

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Is Massage Addicting?

Many people are saying they are addicted with massage because they feel their body is always aching to have it and this is one of the reasons why some don’t want to try it or does not want to have it again. At first, I thought it was just kind of a joke that people were saying it is addicting because they don’t have money, or they wanted to tease and stop their friends in having it. […]

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No To Surgery, Yes To Massage

A few days ago, while we were playing dart at our hang-out, I overheard a buddy telling one of our friends he is being scheduled by his doctor to have a surgery on his left ankle joint. Inquisitively, I asked why. He said the pain that has been causing him distress for months is not getting better- impending his movements. Actually, I asked this fellow a month ago why he is limping, but the people around us […]

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Other Things To Learn As Massage Therapist

The “Hilots” (local unlicensed massage therapist) of our country, Philippines, are not only known for being a very good massage therapist but are also known to be good in prescribing herbs for certain diseases, and pains. They know that there are many problems that massage alone cannot solve thus the help of herbs are needed to hasten the recovery. Take for example sprain or dislocations. When I was a kid, I dislocated my shoulder from accidentally falling […]

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