Cupping for Emergency

Cupping is well known in the Philippines but of a different name – it is known as Tandok(Tan-dook).

It came from the name of a stone being used in the old times that according to my uncle’s story is a set of three stones. However this stone, I doubt, if it still exists. Probably the heaven who gave it as free took it away because people are using it for money’s sake and no longer serving its purpose to help people. If it still exists, then one must go to the remote places to find one who possesses it. The stone is like a magnet that when it is put on top of the skin and move, it will get stuck to a point where there is a venom or rabies. I saw two people used this technique when I was a kid, and I remember I was also treated with the stone tandok when I was bitten by a dog. The tandoks I saw were black in color which they said was made up of horn and it was made especially by the people who knew how to turn it into an effective gadget for treatment.

Anyway, even if the real stone has been already taken away from man, the Lord let him discover a replacement which is now the glass, bottle, or a horn of a deer or a horn of a young cow with 1 inch in diameter hole on the part to be put on the skin and a small hole on the tip to sip the air then covered with a gum like thing from a honey comb.

Tandok is mostly used for emergency purposes. In the farm, when a person is bitten by a snake, the victim is brought immediately to a person called Mannandok (Man – nAn – dook) or tumatandok (too-ma-tan-dook), person who knows to use cupping, who will use his skill to remove the venom.

Another use for it is when a person has back pains caused by rheumatism, the cupper will find the place where a dead blood is located and make a small incision on the skin then apply the cup or whatever tool he has like the one enumerated above. When the blood has been removed the pain goes away and the person is cured.

There are only a handful of people who are doing this stuff – and they are called gifted or their skill is given by the heaven. Generally, they don’t charge and it’s up to the patient to give whatever comes from their heart or according to their capacity.

When they charge for payment, they will lose their talent, either by forgetting how it is done or they simply lose their fervor to do the work.

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