The Healing Power of Massage!

Do you know that MASSAGE can treat the following physical problems?

  1. Sciatica
  2. Back Pain
  3. Acid Reflux
  4. Erection Dysfunction
  5. Premature Ejaculation
  6. Incontinence
  7. Feeling like you bladder is not completely emptied and the drip-drop of urine seems has no end.
  8. After urination you still feel the urine is on the tip of your penis and your underwear always get the last drop.
  9. Prostate problem
  10. Sensitive pain on the testicle.
  11. Inability to conceive a child
  12. Painful sex in women
  13. Blurry eyes
  14. Sty
  15. Dry eyes or teary eyes
  16. Headaches
  17. First defense against an onset of stroke

The space will not be enough if I enumerate all the physical ailments massage can treat.

Like you, I also suffered from almost all of the above physical ailments. But as a practitioner of massage since as a child, I never went to see a doctor because of these ailments! I used only my hands to treat the problems.


Hmmm, maybe! But – one thing – I believe that massage is a tool to cure us from physical pains!

Nowadays, massage is very much reduced to the category of just a tool for relaxation! In cities- is seen as privilege and part of a lavish living!


Being a caregiver for ten years, I saw a lot of sick people suffering from the enumerated physical ailments above. And many times I cringed that there is nothing I can do to help them.

Many times I told people about the power of massage but they only look at me with the look of-“Who is this guy talking non-sense?”

Yes, who am I to talk about one of the most effective tool of THERAPY?

I am CZAR, the first born of our poor family. I have three sisters and a brother. We grew up in one of the poor community in the Philippines. The people in our community, including my parents, all came from remote places of the country where doctors and hospitals is not a privilege.

You have to travel by foot to reach them in the earlier days. (I remember when we went to visit my mother’s family in the earliest of 70s. We walked up and down the mountains for hours before we reach the barrio. It was summer, so we were lucky to reach the foot of the mountain by a jeep. Else we would have walk two days or more with me who was crying during the journey.)

So, whenever somebody from their family got sick they rely on the ALBOLARYO(HERBOLOGIST) who specializes in using herbs to cure pathological problems. And when someone has a dislocation, muscle pains like back pains, they go to the HILOT(MASSEUR/MASSEUSES) who specializes in dealing with physical pains and bone setting. And when an ailments, specially, fevers that don’t go down, or like when malaria was unknown and cannot be treated by herbs, they go to the person who specializes in talking to the ANITOS(spirits of the dead)-which they suspect to be visiting or wants to ask something from the family. (Oftentimes one person serves as the albolaryo, hilot, and Spiritist.)

What’s good with those “DOCTORS” before was they share what they know to the people. So, only when the folks cannot treat themselves that they have to go see the ALBOLARYO.

My mother, who finished only 3rd grade, learned some simple health remedies from her parents.

When she was in her early twenties, people discovered she can remove foreign object that gets into the eyes of people-for free! And when she was in her forties she started to work like a “midwife” because people calls her into their homes to assist mothers who give births. In addition, she is sought by people to replace dislocations, and treat their back-pains and muscular pains.

In case it is hard for you to believe you can come and visit her in TABUK, KALINGA, PHILIPPINES, in the Island of Luzon. I am lucky she is still alive.

There is a belief in my country that in a particular family runs the blood of people who can treat ailments. So, since, my mother, they said can do massage, the possibility is that I inherited it.

Well, the truth is, I did not expect massage to become my passion.

After finishing grade school it was only occasional that I do massage with my friends until I finished high school.

After high school I left our place and went to the city to continue my study in college- and it was here that my appreciation and love for massage started.

In 1988 I hurt my leg when I was working as a helper in a grocery store. I decided to break my schooling because I did not have enough money to support my study. I went looking for a job hoping that I could save enough to continue and finish college.

One day, our boss said we need a stock of carbide to sell- and ask me and two of my co-workers to get one from the stock-room.

Each can of carbide weighs 100kgs so I called the help of one of my co-worker. Together we started to take down one big can of the carbide that is resting on top of another. In the process of taking it down-we lost coordination-the can slid and rested on my bended right knee pinning it down to the floor. I heard like my bone crackled while the can of carbide rolled over it- down my leg and off to my foot then on the cemented floor.

The masseuse (Mangngilot – a massage therapist) whom they called said everything is alright and suggested I will take a pain reliever. She said the following day my leg should be alright.

But the following day, my lower leg doubled in size and was colored black from the blood that was stacked-up in the veins and arteries. I do not feel pain because I take one tablet of pain reliever every four hours since yesterday.

My employer suggested I should go see a doctor. But, as a person who grew up in the remote areas-who don’t trust doctors when it comes to bone dislocations- I refused. I told her I go find somebody who is expert in bone setting.

For six days, I was dragging my right leg which felt like a log I carry around: asking for people who can do the trick of massage to treat it or may know someone whom we call as a GIFTED in doing massage.

Finally, in the seventh day, my father’s sister told me one whom according to what she heard is given a power by the heaven to treat people especially physical pains and joint-dislocations. And she is related to the husband of cousin-her daughter.

Without asking for more, I went to see my cousin who knows where this woman is.

She gave me the instructions how to get to the place but warned me that the person is not asking more than P15 pesos for payment. “ It’s only to buy her cigarette”, she said.

At 3pm I went to see this woman. When I arrived she is busy giving treatment to another patient- a woman in her 30’s.

The masseuse asked me what is the trouble with me and how it happened. But before I finished my explanations she ordered me to take a pain reliever; I told her I already took one 15 minutes ago.

After 30mins she ordered me to lie down on the sofa.

She grasps my foot with her hands; one under the foot itself and one under the heel area. She talks a lot- trying to cheer me up by telling about her experiences in doing the work for 20 years already-while slowly rotating my ankle joint; flexing it as she held my whole right leg stretched on the air.

As I was lost listening to her story she suddenly tug my right leg while at the same time half- rotated the whole leg to the right and left -then put it down on the sofa. “Now, get up and walk,” she said.

At the time she stretched my leg and rotated it, I heard a crisp crackling of the joints and a great relief.

And when I sat down on the edge of the sofa, I felt a tingling-itchy feeling going up and down my leg. Literally I saw the swelling of my leg was fast going down-in five minutes- is back on its normal size!

I stood-up and started to walk. I just can’t believe what happened! My leg which was like weighing about 20kgs before now feels like it’s gone because of its very light feeling!

This experience, I say, is the one really fired up my desire to do massage. Four months after that, I cannot stop myself volunteering to massage everyone who was complaining of body pains; headaches; colds with stuffy nose; flu; people who are experiencing terrible headache due to high blood pressure- all pains I tried to treat!

But-my number one subject whom I tried all the techniques is my own BODY.

Every pain I felt, was like a blessing from ABOVE for me. Because thru those pains I had a firsthand experience how do they feel when they affect you and how it feels while treating them. That ‘s how I learned from each every pain I got!

From that time on, until now, I keep learning everything that massage can do.

And the urge to tell people how powerful massage in treating themselves – is the reason why this website is created.

And if you want to ask a question about a particular body pain or have something to share about a simple traditional massage techniques you learned from the old folks of your place or country- you are welcome to do so.

Thank you and see you again.


What do you think?