Forgotten Simple Habit To Avoid Varicose Veins

There is a very simple way to avoid and improve varicose veins on the legs, and a possibility to eliminate it.

In my country, the “poor people” or people who are away from the “blessing and curse of good life” in the city are familiar of this but no one knows about its health benefits, specially, against varicose veins.

This simple technique is not an exercise or any kind of diet. It is actually part of our daily living wherein most people forgot to do since they learned to work and rest sitting down on a chair.

I will not go into details in defining a varicose vein, its causes, and its medical explanations. I leave it to the medical authority to do it. And if you want to learn more about it, then you can just browse the internet and they will give you bunches of explanations and medical treatments that will cost you just a fraction of your retirement savings.

What I am going to discuss here is the simple technique I have proven myself that can improve the looks of your varicose veins and preventions to not having it – if you don’t have it yet.

There are three techniques I have proven to prevent, improve varicose vein, or probably can eliminate the problem if not yet severe. But I am going to discuss only the one that is still unknown by any books and by the internet. (For your benefit, the other two are massage and exercise.)

The Habit

1. Sit down, not on a chair or raised up surfaces, but all the way to your calf. If you cannot hold your balance, get a support behind you like a low stool may do – 5 to 10 inches high or any support that allows you to sit down all the way to your calf..

This is the most important thing to do when it comes to prevention of varicose veins. And no one advised or will advise you to do it – not even the experts. Because no one thought that this is important in our daily life.

In this world of “High tech” everything is provided even things that are detrimental to our health. And as we grow older we tend to become more inactive that results to the weakening of our muscles.

Figure 1

Here I sat down to rest after a long walk

around the farm. This gives me the relief I

need and prevents varicose veins in my legs

to develop.

If you spent an hour to 8 hours standing up, I advise you to sit not on a chair but all the way to the back of your legs(Fig. 1).

Try this one and compare it when you sit down on a chair or any elevated surfaces and I am sure you will be amazed on how much relief you would feel.

How long you sit down like this is determined by you. Beginners may get tired easily so maybe 2 minutes to 5 minutes is enough if you intend to rest or during a break time from your work.

But, most of the times we barely get a break time, specially, when you are busy and rushing your work. So, I do it in between during my work. I sit down for at least 5-10 seconds, and do it again if I have the chance.

Word of caution:

Sitting down changes the flow of your blood, so, be very careful when you stand-up. Do it slowly and gradually, specially, for people who have high blood pressures. If you can’t sit down all the way use a low stool.

Older folks and People with problem of their knees do it gradually until such time you can do it without any difficulty.

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