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Foot massage for back pain

I cannot believe that back pain is still one of the physical debilitating problems of people today when it is, in my opinion, should not be the case. I had experience back pain several times, but it never lasts longer than a day, though, I have to admit that longtime ago, some pains lasted longer – with one lasted for almost two months – that was when I had sciatic problem and do not know yet where is the point and area to massage. However, we will not be talking about sciatica for now because it requires a longer explanation and it may confuse my already confused English grammar. For now let us talk about the normal back pain where it only affects the parts above the gluteal muscles.

Again, let us be clear that your pain involves only your back – upper and lower. The pain is not the result of an accident causing a dislocated spinal joint or broken bone of the back.

Positioning of your hands

Don’t you worry because you don’t have to be a professional masseur or your partner is – just follow the instructions here and your back pain will go away and you might miss it occasionally because it is more enjoyable to have a session of massage with those sweet pains. The truth is it will always comeback because there is no way we can bend without working our back muscles, but with this knowledge, the pain shall no longer be a problem.

The following are common back pains that we should give attention each time we feel it and should not wait until it is already chronic that because of the pain we agree to everything the doctor says even to the extent of cutting you with his knife just to solve the problem.

1. Back pain affects the joint of your lower back and gives you problem getting up from your seat,
bending, and even laying down on your bed. If you have gone to your doctor, he calls the problem
spinal stenosis and it is the root cause of your suffering. I would say stenosis is the advance result of
your not doing anything in the beginning to prevent the problem into becoming chronic.
2. Back pain does not affect the lumbar joint but involves your whole muscles below the scapular bone
going down and may sometimes involved the hips
3. Your pain involves the whole back – upper and lower – and many times, when it involves the upper
back, there is a big chance that your partner experiences problems of the hands, like weakness, or
numbness (you need any massage oil with this)



Now, how do we get rid of that pain on the back back-pains?

Simple, just imagine how a cat walking slowly on your partners back and you’re ready to treat any kind of back pain. If you can’t imagine it, get a cat and let it walk on your back.

To massage like a cat walking using your hands, press on your partners back using the heels of your hands and using your weight to be the force. Press slowly. Do not rush. Do not press using the strength of your arms because that will tire you in few minutes and it is painful to the one receiving the treatment.

Put the heels of your hands on top of the big muscles on the sides of your partner’s back – heels of your hands facing each other while the fingers are touching on the sides of the body. Start from the lower back then walk up by moving the heels above the place where it was until you reach the scapular region then walk back going down the same path until you reach the lower back. If you want, it is a nice feeling when the gluteal muscles are pressed, so, continue to give a walk on that area. Press for at least one second to three seconds giving more time and pressure on the points that your partner felt a relief.

Unless, it is requested, you don’t need to use oil, and you can massage your partner while on a shirt or thin clothing. For me, I only use oil on some cases like when the problem spreads to the arms, necks, or to the legs. When the problem is more than just a pain.

The best place to do catwalk massage is on a bed with firm mattress or on the floor covered with a firm cover like futon or anything that protects you from the cold flooring.

An alternative to using your hands is using your feet to massage your partner. They call it foot massage. Whatever the name is the principle is the same. Use your weight for the proper pressure and don’t try to kick or jump just to give more pressure. However, you must consider your weight when giving a foot massage. For beginners, I suggest that you must be 20 pounds lighter than your partner to avoid injury, and be sure that you are doing it closed to a wall as a support as you step on your partner’s back. To give more pressure use the heel of your feet on the spot that needs more weight.

To have a better result and be sure that you are giving it right, a communication must be necessary. Your partner should guide you on the right spot of the points, how much pressure needed, and time to spend on each walk. You as the giver should also ask if you’re giving the right pressure and follow your partner’s guide.

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