Head massage Therapy Secret (Points to massage)

It is astounding to learn that millions of people are suffering from simple headaches to migraine headaches. When I learned head massage, I thought, people should not be suffering from it and not spending so much on drugs to treat it.

The first time I got interested with head massage therapy was when I read a part of an article, written on a torn leaf of a magazine, I picked up from a footpath. It said that nine out of ten headaches are not real headaches but are symptoms arising from stressed lifestyle and could be treated by massage and changing one’s lifestyle. The real one left is the result of a cancer that needs medical attention.

When I was reading the article, I was having a headache caused by colds and was giving me a sinusitis, too. Immediately I massage my head, and the relief was immediate, too, it was like some kind of magic.

From that time on, I offered what I learned from my own experience to people who were complaining of headaches; people who had migraines, sinusitis, and due to high blood pressure.

From those experiences, there is something I learned, our head have canals that you could feel literally when giving head therapy, or doing it to yourself. The size of the canal varies depending on the type of headaches you are treating. Migraine headache makes the canal open up wider, and in sinusitis, the canal is barely felt by the fingers and same with eye problems. Also, a hollow like on the head is formed and is very noticeable because the size sometimes is like the size of a circle formed when one makes the tip of the thumb touch the tip of any of the other fingers in the same hand.

Head massage therapy could relieve/ treat the following problems:

  1. Sinusitis
  2. Migraine
  3. Eye problems
  4. Bell’s palsy
  5. Colds
  6. Sneezing due to itchy noose
  7. Headache due to high blood pressure (beware of the neck)
  8. Cannot concentrate

To get the best result, it is good to learn the technique by massaging your own head using the tips of your fingers. First, cover your eyes and face with both hands then slide them up to the head top going to the back of the head and neck. Next, put the tips of both hands fingers on top of your eyebrows then let them walk slowly up to the top of your head. Control the pressure according to what is good to you or when there is pain, adjust it to what is tolerable or glide them like the way you did using your hands. As you go on, be aware of the canals, spaces or lines on the skull bone.

The following images shows where you could locate some of those canals are. The canals start from the upper eye-bone and go up to the head. The others are very thin that one must be doing the practice many times and with different heads.

In severe cases, the head canal is very visible on the eyes as seen on the images below

Skull opening

…and is easy to find using the finger tips
Canal on the skull

Head Canal

By folding the scalp of the skull, one can see the folded skin representing the canal of the heads or opened skull spaces.

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