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The simple remedy I am going to share is something that might make most readers growl in disbelief, especially, people of the modern world who instead of becoming modernized are becoming backwards of their knowledge because they simply make simple things very complicated. They may even accused me of quackery, as they fondly call the old traditional health practitioners who give health advices, because their modernized doctors said there was no study that can back it up. But whatever one may think after reading it, this is free and can be done “at your own risk”.

I learned this remedy from my mother when people asked her what to do with their sweaty palms or feet. Though I learned this remedy from my mother, I came to know that the knowledge is known to almost all Filipinos who came from the rural areas of the Philippines. Thus it is a common advice one hears from them when they see someone doing the things that will cause problem afterwards, such as, sweaty palm or sweaty feet.

The knowledge was learned from their mother and grandparents who learned it from their grandparents who also learned it from their grandparents who learned… well, just trying to say that the knowledge was passed on from generation to generation. But the sad fact is that this knowledge is now starting to fade as I observed from people of the urban areas who do not know about it. It’s not because the knowledge was not told to them but because, again, the scientific doctors say there was no scientific evidence from study to back it up. And in addition, people of the urban areas got the money to pay doctors believing the medicine of the modern era is much effective and can fixed all their health problems. Plus, they believe they are more advanced than the people of the province so they don’t believe what we believe and practice, like, precautions about health.

The advice of our parents is to never wash your hands after ironing clothes, or whenever you are working on something that involves heat. Or don’t drink cold water when you just came in from outside during a hot weather. Or do not drink cold water immediately when you come from a cold place to a hot place. Always take a rest first for about 15 minutes or one hour is better before drinking water. And when you travel to a hot area, better drink a hot tea, or hot coffee, or hot plain water instead of ice cold drinks. Or never take a shower immediately when you were under the sun for hours because it can cause sudden death. These are simple advices but are very effective and can save you a lot of troubles about your health if followed. Why today throat cancer is becoming common is because people do not know these simple precautions from the old folks. So, if you’re one of those who always complain about painful throat you might as well see if you’re one of those who go straight to your refrigerator to get a very cold drink each time you arrive home from walking or staying out under the heat of the weather.

Now, one of the effects of washing hands when you just finished from ironing is sweaty hands. Our nerves are sensitive, so, if we keep abusing them, the time will come that we suffer the consequences, like sweaty palms. Or for the feet, washing it with cold water after a long walk, add to that the shoes where the feet were jailed during the walk, will surely suffer. If you ask for a medical explanation, I am sorry to say, I don’t know. I am just sharing a very simple common knowledge I learned from non-educated people.

So, supposing one developed the problem of sweaty palms or feet or both, what are the old folks remedy to it?

It’s simple and cheap. But I would like to forewarn readers that not all sweaty palms and or feet can be solved by this remedy if the problem is from something not from the reasons I mentioned.

Hot water therapy

Yah, that’s the only thing needed. Just boil water with salt and put it in a pail or large deep basin then add cold water until the temperature is tolerable. It must be hot but not burning to cook the skin. First take a very deep breath then try to submerge your hands or feet. If it’s too hot, maybe a count of 5 will do then remove your hands or feet from the water. Wait for a minute then submerge it again, this time try to leave it longer and see if you can hold on for at least 10-15 minutes.

After the treatment, wipe your hands and feet then massage them together. One hand massaging the other, or massage the feet with your hands if the feet are the problem.

The treatment must be done for a minimum of three repetitions until the problem is solved. Improvement shall be notice even after the first treatment or two. If there is an immediate improvement, procedure can be done just for three sessions, or if not, up to five sessions is recommended and an improvement must be noticed. If no noticeable improvement after five sessions, the problem may be caused by another problem.

Re: Heat must be something one could tolerate to get the best desired result, but not a heat that can cause burn to the skin.

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