How I Replace A Shoulder Dislocation?

It was 2:30am tonight when I finally yawned and felt sleepy, so, I put down the book about acupuncture points I was reviewing to familiarize myself about some of the important points and their use when there was a knock on our door.

I thought we had a visitor who just arrived coming from the province.

But the knocks sounded like it’s an emergency. I asked who was knocking to be sure it’s someone I know or at least to know who was behind the door. The reply said they needed some help, so, I opened the door.

One of the men is familiar to me. I noticed him; he is the brother of one of my patient who got almost paralyzed about a year gone. He explained that his cousin had hurt himself while they were trying to push the taxi he was driving which was stuck along the road.

That’s when I noticed other man clutching his left shoulder and obviously in pain as shown in his face.

I let them in, and had them sit down to relax while asking more questions how things transpired.

Getting enough information I needed, I tried to probe the injured shoulder. It’s obvious the shoulder joint was dislocated. The head of the humerus connected to the glenoid cavity of the scapula was out of the socket. I moved the arms to find the best way to fix the dislocation

I fixed dislocations like ankle joints, fingers, and wrist, but this was my first time to have a case of shoulder joint dislocation.

After assessing the problem, I let the young fellow sat on a stool so he would be lower than me. I put my both hands under his armpit, using my forefingers to feel the bone or neck of the humerus as my thumbs locked at the top of the deltoid muscles.

When I had a good grasps, I slowly pulled the arm out then gave a slight lift up towards me using his weight as the resisting force – a sudden snap sounded! I smiled while the young man gave out a sigh of relief – we knew the sound was a sign the dislocated shoulder- joint was backed to its place.

I applied a coconut oil on the deltoid muscles and massaged it to relax the muscles and promote blood circulation to the joint.

I told him to move his hands and affected arm to feel if it still need further manipulation. He did, and he was very thankful he can move normally like it was.
After having a coffee they left while I also went to my bed thinking that was the reason why I couldn’t slept.

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