How to Avoid Stretch Mark?

When it comes to health, the Wise advice, “Prevention is the best remedy.”

Together with my wife, we went to have a massage to get some relief from fatigue and pains in our back, probably due to sitting down almost the whole day in front of our computers. There is not much to do outside when the rain is pouring heavily.

We were treated on the couple’s room by two lady masseuses.

We were first treated from the back then to our front. After massaging our feet and legs the next is our abdomen. The masseuse kindly first asked my wife if she likes her belly to be massaged. When my wife said yes, the masseuse asked my wife how many kids she has, which my wife answered four kids. The masseuse was amazed because my wife has not even a hairline of stretchmark on her. Even the one attending to me voiced out her appreciation and both asked what the secret is.

The secret? Well, it’s very simple but needs a lot of courage.

As massage therapist, I have seen many abdomens that have stretch marks which even go beyond the area of the abdomen, mostly women, though they bore just one child. This is one reason, I suspect, why many men lost their sexual urge to their wife and probably the reason they look for fresh new ones. Why I am saying this is because many of those women, left by their husband, are beautiful but when it comes to that part of their body, I say, I can’t blame the husband for finding another one.

Yet, I saw women who even have more than a dozen children but have very clean skin, especially, on their abdomen. When I asked their secrets they just gave only one reason. When I asked where they have learned it, they again gave me just one reason – their mother told them. And where their mother had learned it, who else but from their mother, too, so on and on.

That simple advice is what I am going to divulge here. If you can do this, then who needs to worry about magic formula to remove the effect of not following this very simple advice. It’s better to put all your courage in doing this than worrying and spending a fortune afterwards.

I know the pundits will again say it has no scientific bases because, they will say, those parents don’t even know the English of skin and stretch marks. Forget them because they are too genius that they don’t even know what is the definition and looks of stretch-mark without searching it in their piles of medical books instead of using the internet. I tell you that most of the things medicine knows today are based on the old knowledge and wisdom of the first people ahead of us. The only difference before and now is that during the old days they have lots of wisdom about their knowledge, while today, they got enormous knowledge and very little wisdom.

The only proof about this technique is the testimonies of lucky ladies who listened to their parents and grandparents.

So, if you’ve just married, or still on your way to have your first baby, and want to avoid those dreaded long deep STRETCHMARKS, read this simple advice I heard from my mother, the old women, and proven by my wife and those customers who shared their experiences. However, if the cause is due to your genes as the pundits always blame then I am not sure if this one can help. But, it’s free so what have you got to lose – I strongly believe it can minimize the problem to something it’s easier to treat with medical intervention.

During pregnancy, from the first month to the last month, the skin stretches resulting to ITCHINESS on the skin. This one will cause every human being to automatically scratch, and the trouble is, as they scratch the itchiness goes deeper and deeper and as it goes deep into the skin the feeling also becomes sweeter and sweeter thus stopping to scratch is not an option until it bleeds. The result of that scratching will be left on the stomach not only for days, months, or year, but for a life time. Not even slightly digging your nails is forgiven, because those nail-marks will be very visible after giving birth. I saw this from a friend in Israel. She knew the advice; so, all she did was to let her fingernails walk above the itchy parts thinking it will not give problem only to find out afterwards the small many tiny marks created by her nails.

My wife got the advice from her mother and from the wise old ladies. Lucky me, she followed their advice, or else, I am suffering each time I see the sight of those big leech-like marks.

So, did you get what kind of advice I am talking about? Avoid at all cost to SCRATCH during your pregnancy. Wow – that’s too much – I heard you are saying. How one does to get over the killing itchiness?

Well, my wife remedy was just putting her palm on the itchy part and wipes or rubs it patiently if she can’t tolerate the feeling. I saw her put her palm above her belly and rubbing it slowly in a round motion.

Yes, it’s as simple as that. Luckily, the itchiness just goes away.

I can’t explain it any further, especially, its medical aspects which is now the one I am going to let you ask your doctors, and I hope they have a ready sensible explanation.

Some oil I believe can be used, but remember that the skin absorbs the chemicals of any oil, or lotion, therefore I strongly suggest to ask the pharmacist and your doctor to find out if the chemical components of the oil or lotion has no side effect on the baby.

If you ask me for a safe oil to use – I suggest the coconut oil. It is the old time oil used by our fore-parents to rub on almost everything.

Do only women develop stretch markers? No. The truth is I also have it on my buttocks. It was very itchy that I scratched it up to a point I felt the skin seems to be coming off. Then after a few months the stretch mark are already there.

Do only married women can develop stretch marks? NO. Even single women can develop stretch marks caused by their gaining weight which causes the skins to stretch causing intense itchiness and automatic scratches from our nails. I have lady friends who were singles and were already complaining of stretch markers on their bellies like they already gave birth.

Stretch marks are also found on the legs, breasts, uppers arms, and other parts of the body to some people.

Itchiness when not pregnant is easier to treat because a woman does not worry about hurting a child inside her, thus, anti-allergies can be taken. Or if one wants a natural way, I can share what I have been using every time I have itchiness that doesn’t listen to heavy rubbing or scratching.

I will put a hot water into a container (glass bottle, glass cup, water bag, etc.) and put it on top of the itchy part to burn it. One can feel the itch with pleasure as it goes deep into the skin then stop where in one feels only burning pain – the point to remove the hot container.

I sometimes use a heated cover of pots (when I am cooking rice) if it only involves a small part.

WARNING: One must use their judgment to not burn the skin.

What do you think?

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