How to drain out water from your ear?

A problem I think is an easy question for those people living near the rivers, seas, or water sports people, but it is not for those who live away from the bodies of waters.

Like what they said, experience can teach you how to solve things, like getting water inside ones ear. People who always go swimming could have water into their ear. Sometimes easy to remove, and sometimes it is tough that no matter how many times you jump up and down, shaking your head, and hitting your head with your hand won’t solve the problem.

Being a farmer who lived next to the Chico river in Tabuk, Kalinga, we always had the problem of water inside our ear with my friends. Because we always got dirty from playing, and working, the river was so enticing we always go swimming almost every day – morning and afternoon.

I do not know how we learned to remove waters from our ears. However, I do remember, our parents advised us to either shake our heads by hitting it with the heel of our hand. If it did not work, we put one of our fingers inside the ear and push it in to cover the entire hole of the ear, and then suddenly remove it to break the water-clog. If that did not work, we take a hold the lower ear lobe, and then pull it down or far away from the ear – trying to move the skin inside by stretching our earlobes. If nothing works, we still have one last option that always work; we put in a drop of water into our ear and that solved the problem.

Three things you would feel when you got water in your ear. One is the ear feels it is clogged and you cannot hear well on it. Another one, is you feel or hear the water is like running or flowing inside the ear – each time you tilt or move your head. The worst is you feel your head is like a drum that when you hit the side of your head above the affected ear, you would hear your head is like giving out the sound of a drum; in addition, your hearing is blocked, and sometimes you can feel an ear ache.

What is wonderful with using water to solve water inside your ear is that it can work even when days had gone.

One of the latest memorable uses of water to remove water inside an ear was in year 2006. One of my friends had the problem when we went to enjoy night swimming at the dead sea. Five days were gone when the friend was asking me how to contact the insurance doctor because she had water inside her one ear, which she got from the dead sea.

I told her I had no idea how to contact the doctor, but I had an idea how to solve her problem. As I instructed, she wet her one hand and let a drop of water inside her ear and – presto – her water clogged ear opened up and she cannot believed she suffered for days when the problem was also the solution!

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