How to Get Rid Of Itchy Callus

As a young kid grown up in the farm, I experienced what not about physical problems, from dislocations, back-pain, muscle pains, foreign objects getting into the eyes, wounds from sickle, and many common problems farmers get – I got them all – and the one of the things I want to share here is an itchy bottom of the foot. I am sharing it here because I just had a problem about an itchy callus which bothered me for the last three months.Arthritis 022 At first, I did not do anything because I thought it was just the effect of the callus breaking, however, I noticed that it was round and getting wider; the itchiness was also getting deeper and sweeter when I tried to pinch it with my thumb nail. That’s the time my childhood experience came to my mind.

As a child, the first times I had itchy bottom of my foot I scratched it until it blistered. My mother would often advised me not to scratch because it will just get worse. She told me to just endure the itchiness until it gets away. But, I can’t tolerate the itch so my fingers would automatically scratch it or I rub my foot on the edge of a rough wood that can help me rest my fingernails.

Then, one day, I discovered that heat can do a better job, and not just better, it can stop the problem immediately. We were using firewood to cook our food. We do this by arranging three stones bigger than an adult head, in a triangle position exact to hold pots we put on top of them.

One time when I was cooking rice, and my foot was very itchy, I put it on top of the hot stone. And as the heat was getting stronger, I started to feel the itch going deeper, and sweeter- then the sweetness of the itch was replaced by the heat. The itchiness was gone and the pain of the heat was all I felt, so, naturally I removed my foot from the hot stone. After about five minutes, I repeated the procedure. Same feeling, but the time range was shorter. I repeated it until the itchiness was probably satisfied that it no longer wanted to be exposed on the hot stone again. From that time on, the itch did not bother me again, and every time I had it again, I already knew what to do.

However, this time is my very first time to have a callus that is itchy under the thick skin. I am now living in the city, and we don’t use firewood for the last twenty years because the trees are now replaced by houses. So, what I did to ease the itch was to boil water and poured it on the itchy part. But I did it after taking a shower, and scraping some of the thick skin.

In fact, this technique was being used to cure an infected toe, which is itchy and sore. Candle can also be used, by dropping the candle wax directly on top of the problem.

Just some precautions when using hot water. Put a wet cloth under the foot to be washed or treated to avoid burning the fresh skin. Soak the cloth with cold water, or better yet have ice to absorb the heat.

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