How To Treat Bumpy Cellulites

An article about massage mentioned treating cellulites with massage as a myth. Unless the author is talking about literally removing the fat under the skin through massage, then I would not contest it. However, if improving or treating the bumpy site caused by cellulite with massage, then, I would say it is not a myth.

Massage is my number one remedy each time I see bumps on my thighs, and hips, and on the side of my upper arms. In addition, I helped many of my clients to regain confidence of showing their legs after a few massage sessions or depending on how bumpy their cellulites became. If the bumps look like cobblestones, then a longer time is needed to shrink them, and diet must be watched if one wants to achieve “bumpy-free” skin, and for the problem to not come back again. In order for ugly cellulites not to reoccur, one must have to always check his or her legs for the sign by pinching a large chunk of the skin and see for the bumps. If bumps are present then it is an indication of fats accumulating in masse under the skin, which eventually become bumpy cellulites.

Here is a simple way to do ( Be warned that this could be quite painful at first but as you progress the pain becomes sweeter)

Skin Rolling Massage

The fats that cause the problem lie just under the skin, so, as the name says, the concentration is to massage the skin by rolling it between your thumbs and forefingers and middle fingers.

  1. Apply effleurage on top of the skin. If you can spare oil then it’s easier to warm up the skin to massage. Lotion or small amount of oil can be used to make fingers slide easier.
  2. Petrissage – Intersperse grasping the skin with the muscles as you do the effleurage technique.
  3. Tapotement – apply slight to medium force hacking on top of the cellulites.
  4. Petrissage or Skin Rolling – now massage the skin by rolling it between your thumbs and forefingers and middle fingers
  5. Always apply effleurage in between each stroke to alleviate pain cause by rolling the skin.
  6. Also, once in a while, take large grasp of muscles and slightly knead it.

The procedure could last at least ten minutes to thirty minutes per session and can be done two to three times a day.

At first, when the cellulites are still hard, the skin will be sensitive and can cause real pain but as you go on the tissues become softer and sooner or later becomes enjoyable.

To achieve a greater success, add stretching to your daily exercises, and of course, watch your diet by cutting on fatty foods, and always take a good rest.

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  • I’m sorry to hear that! I’m fortunate enough that I only get migraines from time to time…It wo2#nd&l8u17;t surprise me if your neck issues were to blame though since tension or pinched nerve can be triggers..For me, coffee and bananas and chocolate combined together are no-nos as far as diet is concerned..I do hope you will find a solution though!

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