How To Treat Numbness Of The Arms And Hands With Massage

You are holding something, and without reason it just dropped on the floor – broken!

You cannot sleep on one side of your body because the arms and hands get numb and painful, and most of the day, you feel uncomfortable with them.

You went to see a doctor and he prescribed you with pain reliever that has no effect. Worst, you are advised that if pain relievers do not help, then surgery would be the last option!

What I am saying is what I heard from clients whom I treated with this problem – numbness of the entire arms going down to their hands and fingers. If the problem is not too advanced, massage can do a lot to help you – and it can work like magic. In one to three sessions, your problem can be solved barring there is no underlying disease that is causing it.

I can guarantee that massage is one of the best tools of help when it comes to body pains and problems; however, it is more effective if one watch for the other requirements to stay healthy.

The steps enumerated here are just guides. Once you started massaging, the pains/soreness will become your personal guides. Just touch them and once you feel better, I am sure the next time you will know what to do already. Trust your instinct (That was how I first learned to treat my pains, and is still my way until now.) Besides the scapular region where it is best if done with a partner, all the other moves can be done by using the other hand. In the absence of a willing partner, you can find round corner, like the corner of square table, and use it to press the points you cannot reach at your back.

Here are the procedures

  • Start from the deltoids area by using the fleshy pads of your four fingers and thumb. Press the top of the muscle by walking your four fingers across/down the muscle and using the thumb to press front joint. Try to reach all muscles as you can – to you wings and at your back.

Your guide is the sore spots. Once you feel sore spots go through them several times.

  • Massage all the muscles on the scapular regions (You need a partner here, but if no one will do it for you, just try to reach what you could)
  • Massage upper arms – apply pressure to the muscles. Feel for the sore spots and apply slight pressure to medium depending on your tolerance.
  • Massage the lower arms. Look for the sore spots and concentrate on them. They are easy to find. Just press on top of your muscles and you will feel the soreness even without applying so much pressure.
  • Try also to locate the “muscle-lines” or the muscle divisions, follow that sore spots, and press them slightly – to medium force.
  • Then massage your hands. If you have numbness on your fingers, stretch them by pushing them backwards until you feel the pain from the stretch – hold it a few seconds – release then repeat. Now turn your palm (facing you) and look for the major line crossing the palm. That part is where the inner joints are. Press them one by one with your thumb – as hard as you can. Intersperse it with stretching as you did before.
  • Now, close and open your fingers, and move them like a “spider’s” legs.
  • Next, massage them between your thumb and your other fingers. As you reach the fingernail, press the sides and top a little harder ‘til you feel a bit of pain. Lastly finish it by pulling them

For the whole process, you may want to use the benefits of oil instead of pure shiatsu (thumb pressures, or using the four fingers) and instead of direct pressures use gliding movements. I used oil if the pain is intense, and make the pressure light on the first treatment.

What do you think?


  • Does frequent numbness mean a serious problem.

    • czar

      If it affects your daily activities, especially, when it does not respond to massage therapy then consider it serious and better go see your doctor. Other things to consider are if there are other troubles accompanying it, like, chest pains with breathing difficulties, and dizziness then it is serious.

      Frequent numbness without breathing difficulties, and dizziness, maybe a sign the problem has been there for a long time. And I am sure, the person also feels upper back pains or discomfort. The cause is just muscle strains and or stiffness on the upper back muscles and shoulders. A good experienced massage therapist can help you with it.

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