Ilot Therapy Saved his Mother from Death

His mother had a stroke and brought to the hospital. Luckily the doctors and nurses were able to revive her after she was thought to be dead.

After she was revived, however, the doctors told them she had no chance to recover and may passed away anytime soon. So, some members of the family went home to prepare the house and everything for the inevitable passing of their mother.

She was unconscious and the blood pressure was high.

When he looked at her, he too, also believed that was the time he can see his mother. With pity he touched the shoulders of his mother and reached under the upper back. He felt the muscles were hard like rock.

A thought came to him that if those hard muscles become soften his mother might get a chance to live because the blood will be free to flow up to her body.

So, he reached with both hands under his mother’s back and cradled it with his fingertips. And like playing piano he started to move them walking up-and down the back as far as he could reached.

He repeated the procedure every hour. While he was doing the massage, one of the nurses said he can’t massage one with high-blood pressure but he did not mind her and continued what he was doing. But the next time he performed massage, he asked one of the nurses to take the blood pressure before and after the massage.

The result was pleasing to him because each time the BP was lower every after giving massage.

He started the massage from three in the afternoon and at about before the night was over for the following day, he felt a response from the back muscles he was massaging – they twitched – a sign of probably feeling pain or relief from what he was doing. It gave him stronger faith on what he was doing that his mother will at least awoke from being unconscious and – recover. His patience and faith did not fail him. At about 4a.m he saw a changed in the color and aura of his mother – a sign of recovery – in another two hours, his mother already started to reply with words of approval when he asked if she liked massage.

Then during the day as he was about to start giving another massage to his mother, the head nurse of the hospital came to observe what he was doing – from beginning ‘til it was over.

When he was done doing the therapy, the head nurse complimented him and said, “That’s what saved your mother from sure death!”

Ilot or any other kinds of massage therapy is very helpful in situations like that however the problem is how to convince the medical pundits to integrate it into the modern world of medicine.

This loving son is a practicing priest but filed for a leave of absence because he said giving ilot therapy is another calling for him. He saw many people are suffering just because they don’t have the capability to go through the requirements before being administered medical treatment. And the letdown is that many of those sickness people suffer from can be relieve or even be “cured” through ilot therapy.

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