Important Point for Leg Fatigue, Sciatica and Varicose Vein

This point is one of the points I discovered to be very important in managing leg fatigue, sciatica like pain, cramps, and probably to prevent the formation of varicose veins or even improving it.

Don’t worry when you feel a thumb-size lump, it shows you found the right spot. It varies in size and rigidity. It can be quite painful; hence, precaution and measured pressure must be observed when it is being work on until the patient can tolerate a stronger touch.

The best way to soften the point is first give one to two minutes massage at the beginning, using the pad or fleshy part of one thumb or both thumbs, together or in alternate motion, then stop. However, continue to massage the surrounding areas like applying effleurage to the whole length of the leg, or treat the other leg, too, using the same procedure and then go back.

Repeat process and for the third and fourth time give a longer deeper pressure according to the patient’s tolerance. Always use your judgment by observing the patient’s reaction. Either the patient protest; move the leg being treated, or the muscles simply twitch when it aches the patient. In the video you can see me also massaged the flesh behind the kneecap itself this is because the part is also tight in some instances, so, feel if it also needs some touch.

This treatment will surely stop or ease the fatigue on the back of your lower leg. And can also stop some sciatica like pains that comes from the lower back going to the lower back of the leg and ending to the outer side of the foot.

The lump is always found at the inner side just below the knee-groove. To get to the point better, one should be seated on a low chair, or ask someone to massage it while you’re on a prone position on bed, giving the instruction as given here. The most important is for the giver to exercise gentleness and not brusque in giving the pressure.

The lump will not always go away on the first treatment. It may need a follow up once or twice more, but most important, do not try to have it disappear in one treatment, especially, when the lump is already large and hard. In my experience, two times a day usually is enough for lumps that are still jelly like in softness, and for harder ones, another day is needed.

To understand more hoe to do the massage, view the video below or view it on YouTube.

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  • claire

    I have mild varicose veins but can’t find this lump for massage. What does this mean?

    • Hi, Claire

      If you don’t find the lump it may mean you don’t have it. However, probably you need to change your leg position to find it or forget about the lump and just look for a painful area. The pain should be natural and not being forced by you. (I suggest ask a massage therapist to do it for you.)

      If still you don’t find anything better stop and try again later to not cause “injury” in the muscles you’re pressing.

      About your varicose veins, you can improve them and stop it getting worse by giving your legs daily massage(effleurage) in the morning or before retiring to bed at night. I did this with my former patients when I was working as caregiver and I saw what massage can do to varicose veins – It helps it “hide under the skin.”

      Thank you for reading and asking.

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