Inner Thigh Cramps

It was already late at night when I received a call from one of my customers of massage asking if I can go visit her brother because he is having a leg cramp which started two days ago.

I was thinking it was probably a simple one, but when I saw him and the problem it was more complicated than I expected.

He had to stand up slowly and be careful not to make a wrong move else the thigh muscles from the groin up to the gluteus and lower back will be painful and makes him collapse if he cannot hold on to something. It’s my first time to treat a thigh cramp. I know lower leg cramps is a common complaint but this one is one of a kind.

He had no inkling what must have been the cause of the problem aside from working at the garden behind their home.

It was in the early morning the day before yesterday that he felt the pain when he got up from their bed.

As soon as he started to walk when all of a sudden he felt a sudden pain from his groin which felt pulling up his large muscles behind his leg. He said it’s the same with a leg cramp only that this one is on his thigh. And from that time he can no longer walk without a pain.

It’s very hard for him to make even a step and he must be careful not to make a move that can make the cramp worse.

And as a believer of the old tradition of being touched by a ghost from a dead relatives, he asked one of the known elders who knows the procedure to see him. He was advised to get a native chicken and make some prayer offering it to the spirit.

He did what the traditional healer told him but he did not feel any improvement, thus he asked his sister to call for me.

After interviewing him to find what could have been the cause of the problem, I worked on his affected leg. I found that a point on his left abdomen was sensitive. Another points are located on his buttocks and on the thigh muscles.

After ten minutes of treating him, I stopped and asked him to stand up and walk. I liked him to feel if there was any improvement about the pain and to see how his walking if there was any indicator if the treatment was working or not.

He said the pain was still there and seems the massage had no effect, but after five minutes of walking and sensing he said the gap of awful pain spasm is longer than before – which is a good sign for me.

I repeated the treatment two more times and had him stand up to feel how the result of the treatment was which each time he said there is an improvement.

It took us 1 hour and 10 minutes to finish the treatment before he could walk without the fear of a sudden spasm on his thigh muscles.

I know you want to know the way I did to cure the pain. I wish I could enumerate the step by step how and what I did to treat this problem but most of the times it’s just instinct is all one needs to find the points that would relieve and totally solve the problem.

For an idea how it is done, I suggest to not concentrate on the site of the pain to treat. Look for the trigger points a little further from the painful area and see asks if the patient feels any relief after at least 5-10 minutes treatment.

What do you think?

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