Is Massage Addicting?

Self-abdominal massage

Abdominal massage

Many people are saying they are addicted with massage because they feel their body is always aching to have it and this is one of the reasons why some don’t want to try it or does not want to have it again.

At first, I thought it was just kind of a joke that people were saying it is addicting because they don’t have money, or they wanted to tease and stop their friends in having it. I also heard some people are seriously advising others to never start getting one, else they will get hook up from its addictive effect.

On my own experience this is not true.

I like to give my headache more than 20 years ago as one of my example. Like what I have said in my other posts, my body was my first subject in practicing the effectiveness of massage while learning its techniques.

At the beginning, when I was learning massage, especially, acupressure, as the one I used to treat the pain, I wanted to do it three times a day, and then it became only once a day to every other day. Then, I noticed that I was doing it only a few times a month.

Probably a year after, I noticed that I was not giving myself head massage as often like before. When I tried to press on the points where I used to love to press, I was amazed there was not even a bit of pleasure and don’t have the urge to continue.

However, I noticed, when I had a hangover from drinking so much wine the night before or when I did not have a whole night of sleep I enjoy the feel of headache massage.

Another example are my legs. When we went for a long walk, I found that deep massage is very enjoyable after three days of rest. But after that even by just giving a rub does not give even a little pleasure.

From those experiences, I came to a conclusion that massage is not addicting at all.

It only feels addicting because when the body is suffering from imbalances or pains it will ache for the pleasure of rub down as its medicine.

Same thing when the body got used to a pain reliever, every time it feels pains, it will always remind the brain of the name of the pill used before that eased up the problem. But once, the pain is gone, it will not yearn for that medicine again until it will feel another pain.

The body knows its medicine, thus, it is not surprising one keeps thinking about massage when he is stressed, or tired.

What do you think?

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