Learning Massage And Its Effectiveness

Until yourself had proven it, I cannot really tell how effective massage is. But, based on my experiences- it is very effective- as pain reliever, first aid, and cure for simple ailments.

Let us take headache as an example. A thumb or finger pressure on your occipital point can stop your headache immediately.

However, there are different headaches. So, you may have to find those points that can give you the relief you need.

I have to admit that at first I cannot tell what headaches I got. All I know was I am having one.

As a beginner and has no idea about shiatsu, acupressure, or reflexology, I just focus on thinking of relieving myself of the headache.

So, what I did was start applying finger pressure anywhere on my head. Then when I find a point where I feel a good-SWEET-pain I concentrate on that part- for a minute or two. Then, I search for another point and do the same process.

After many times of doing it, I learned the points to treat first each time. Then later on, I made some variations in my technique.

This was the way I learned head massage therapy, and massage therapy .

Your instinct will be developed. When you treat people, it feels like you have the same pain, and know the points to treat! Many times they ask me, “How do you know that’s where the point is?”

The most common question and concern of people is they don’t know what particular points to apply pressure, and they are afraid it may aggravate the problem.

Like you, I learned the basics of massage without any knowledge how really it was used.

As a child, I knew it was a tool for treatment but I don’t know how it was done. I just learned to apply effleurage, petrissage, chopping, vibration(terms I only learned many years after) from the teenagers in our village but they did not teach us exactly how to use it in treating ailments. Because all they knew was they are tired, so, as younger “buddies” I and my friends should give them massage: That was their privilege as older buddies.

It was only in my late teens that I really got serious to learn the secrets of massage as a cure for ailments. So, what I did was to volunteer myself to give free treatment to people whom I saw having difficulty walking, standing up, having headaches, migraine headaches, complaining of back pain, sciatica, weaknesses on their arms, having a high blood pressure, eye problems( like, sty, blurry vision, teary eyes, dry eyes) and almost any physical problems they complain about.

Aside from volunteering to treat people in pains, I also treated myself of almost the same problems like they got. My body was my experimental subject.

As I went on giving massage(people volunteered to pay me afterwards until I set up an amount to charge) I learned new ailments that massage can treat effectively, such as INSOMNIA.

I learned that there are two types of Insomnia. One is the commonly known as not being able to sleep. Second is the one I learned from experience, sleeping too much without being satisfied. Or, after sleeping 8-10 hours or even more, you’re still feeling like you did not sleep enough.

The first type can be caused by different factors and a whole body massage or just a simple head massage can help if it is only due to stress, fatigue, and other physical causes. If it involves medical in nature or outside problems (e.g. relationship trouble) then it is a different story.

The second type is very easy to treat. It is caused by lack of circulation and a sign of the body not producing enough red blood cells. This is not worrisome, at first; however, it is dangerous to not do something because it can progress to a real sickness, such as anemia. Whole body massage helps but a particular part of the body can be massage to treat this problem.

Aside from insomnia, back pains respond very well to massage. But the most important thing I learned is that sciatica is treatable just by massage alone; including erection problems in men, prevention of prostate problems, and incontinence for both men and women are all treatable by massage.

You may ask why people are still suffering from these ailments despite the so many professionals in massage all around. Well, I want to point out that many of these people are in the field of massage because of the business massage can give them. If you notice, they are only promoting (the) relaxation (effect of) massage and not one about treating ailments. And those massage practitioners who offers massage for treatment have yet to discover the right way to use massage in treating the ailments I mentioned.

To cut it short, I would say, learning massage becomes exciting once one discovered its effectiveness. And it is a very important tool to learn to have it ready when it is needed. It is the best first aid remedy to have it on hand.

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