Massage For Eye Problems

Many people have decreased eyesight that they are force to use eyeglasses up to a point they were advise to have surgery which is unnecessary.

Blurry eyes, teary eyes, sty, and many eye problems can be solve with this simple techniques of eye massage.

This simple technique can maintain your eyesight and can solve most of whatever problems with your eyes if they were not injured and are not caused by a disease like diabetes, and kidney disease. Furthermore, be sure that you are getting enough sleep, and be sure to have it before doing the procedures below. Lack of sleep is one of the most common causes of eye troubles of busy people, if it is not given attention then no amount of medicines and remedies can help.

What to do

Blurry eyesight/Teary eyes/Tired eyes/sty/Dry eyes/eyes sensitive to bright lights/eyes sensitive to wind:

  1. Massage around the orbit Or bony part around of the eyes and look for the sensitive points and sweet points. Sweet points are usually found on the lower points.
  2. To massage the upper orbit, use your thumbs, and to massage the lower orbit use your index fingers
  3. You press on the edge of the bone by hooking the tips of your thumbs or index fingers.
  4. When you massage your eyes, it is better to close them and feel the touch of your fingers.
  5. Usually, you will feel an itchy electric current as if going into your eyes, and afterwards will give out tears.
  6. When you found the itchy points concentrate on them, hold the pressure for as long as want and work on them for at least two minutes.
  7. You can do this three times to five times a day, and the problem should solved. However, you can always do a follow up until all the itchy feeling is gone.

Dry eyes

1. Follow the steps above; however, in the absence of tears after five minutes, do the next step.
2. Now using the tips of your index fingers, slightly scratch on top of the closed eyes – barely touching the eyeballs. The feeling is gritty as if your eyes contain many sands.


a. It’s much better to use the tip of the nails, but carefully not to dig it in, and the
eyes are closed.

b. Move your fingers/scratch up-down, up-down and move until you cover the whole eyeballs.

3. This is very itchy and it really make you rub your eyes. Be careful not to do it hard. What you do is
to cover your eyes with your fingers or palms then strongly close your eyes more and try to stretch
the skins on top of it by pulling it outwards, downwards, and side wards….

Tips to take care of your eyesight:

  1. Do not take a shower when you stayed awake the last night. Take a rest and sleep first and shower or bathe after, and do not sleep with your hair still wet.
  2. When looking at your computer screen gives a headache or make your eyes uncomfortable, better stop and rest your eyes then apply the procedures above.
  3. In number two, try to use sunglasses if it helps; however if the work is not emergency better rest.
  4. Don’t wash your face immediately when you just came in from a hot day.
  5. Most importantly, take care of your foods. Avoid at any cost to contract diabetes and kidney problems because they can damage the eyes permanently. And of course, to not hurt your eyes, so wear eye protection when there is a need for it.

Is this safe for people with diabetes?

It is safe and is helpful. However, like every massage movements, or any professions, always remember the saying, “Everything that is overdone is not good.” I used it to many diabetic people and they all like to have it done repeatedly because they felt better afterwards. However, this should not be promised that it will make them regain their eyesight or can do a miracle for them.

My father’s cousin who had diabetes cannot stop talking about my mother who massaged his eyes with the round part of a diaper pin. His eyesight improved for six months and was yearning my mother would have had the time to visit him again. In addition, when I gave him eye massage two years after, he said his eyesight improved, and made a schedule to have my service. But, of course that did not make him better because the cause of his eye problem was his diabetes.

So far, everyone likes the result of this massage… but, to get the full benefits of the treatment, one should learn it for personal use to have it handy at all times.

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