Massage And Caregiving

Can massage be used in care giving?


Many of my friends massage their patients even if they do not know exactly how it is done.

But most of them said their patient shows an improvement to a lingering pain or they walk better after a period of giving them massage treatment.

I won’t disagree because I myself have proven many times that massage helps – in care-giving.

One of my patients had a surgery on the head, due to a freak accident, and it affected his balance and strength. For that reason he cannot go out alone to walk or stay on his legs for even 30 minutes; that is why they hired me because he must be watch all the time to avoid another accident.

On my first month with him, I encourage him telling that within three months he should be walking much better, and feeling stronger. He liked the idea very much that he even assured me of a bonus if he gets better and regain at least 90% of his self; so, for almost every day, we always talked about improving his stamina and balance.

Every morning, the first thing I do is to give massage to his legs and feet. The procedure takes about 15 minutes to 30 minutes on average. After the massage, we drink coffee or tea as I prepare water, fruits, and other things we need in our walk.

On the first days, we went out walking around the block near their apartment. But, for every 10 minutes, we sat down on a bench to rest.

But, while resting, I take off his shoes, socks, and fold his pants up to expose the lower legs and feet ready for massaging them. I start by shaking the muscles of his legs, then I used petrissage, any other move that would relax his leg muscles and improve the circulation into them. And for the finishing touch, I take his foot one by one to move them in circular motion at the ankle joint; then I stretch his legs by flexing the feet forward and backwards.

In just three weeks, the increase of his energy is noticeable, and his balance no longer a concern. From 10 minutes of walking – resting, I made it 15 minutes walking – resting; and doing the same procedure of working his legs.

In two months, we already started walking farther and at this time we walked for 30 minutes before we take a rest.

The improvement is so amazing that anyone who saw him, before and now, can’t believe how far his health had improved.

Many believe the walking alone did it. Even his doctors were amazed about how fast his recovery was. And the only advice they told him was, “Just continue whatever you’re doing because it seems working. Good luck“!

What do you think?

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