Massage Remedy For Callus Problem

One of the problems that bothers a lot of people is callouses. This is a thickened skin that can be found in the sole of the foot, sides of the big toe and small toe. On the tips of the fingers of guitar players, or on the palms of plumbers, carpenters, and to everyone who does manual jobs.

Checking the websites for topic about calluses will give you almost all the explanations you wanted to know. One of the best sites I found is This website gives you very good details about the causes, and home remedies that are inexpensive.

However, since I did not see (or overlooked) massage included in the websites I browsed, it is therefore the topic that I will share with you here.

Massage: self-remedy for callus removal and prevention.

Having a callus is normal, because this is the way the body protects our feet, fingers, and palms from injuries. However, if the callus is beyond normal, it can create problems.

Calluses on the sides of the big toe, and small toe cause them to lose their sensations. Furthermore, as the callus gets thicker, it becomes embedded deeply to the flesh and gets inflamed. How many times, I did not wear my shoes because of pain.

Also, calluses on the heels cracked that it is painful to make the first step or two in the morning.

For beauty, calluses create hideous look on the heels and side of the toes.

As a traditional massage therapist, I encountered many people who have these problems. Like me, it doesn’t select its customers: I saw it with the farmers, office workers, poor and rich people.

I was blessed, many times, with calluses, too. But thank the Lord for having me experienced the problem, because I learned that massage can hastened the removal of dead skins, and restore the sensations on the affected areas.

Massage helps restores the normal skin of the parts you are treating for calluses. As new skins formed and replaced the dead ones, the sensations, especially, on the sides of the big toe and small toes slowly come back.

These are the simple things I did to solve my callous problem.

  1. Before I finished a bath or shower, I made sure to scrub the calluses on my feet with a fist-size abrasive river stone (This is a small rock selected, out of thousand stones, from the river bank.)If you don’t have an access to a river, you can use the pumice stone they have in the market.
  2. After drying myself, I massage my feet with moisturizer cream or lotion; in the morning and before I retire to bed at night.Massage oil, or coconut oil can also be used. The purpose is to soften the hard skin, which makes it easier to be removed the following day.

    Cover your feet with socks, or wrapped it with a bandage to avoid smearing your bed with oils or cream.

  3. To massage your feet, grasp the heels of the foot and squeeze or knead it, going up to the toes.As you knead the calloused foot, you will normally feel a stinging sensation on the cracked skins, especially, on the heels.
  4. To quickly regain the sensation of my big toe and small toe, I use the help of my finger nails (Thumb or forefinger nail) at first to massage the side of my big toe and the small toe.The toes feel like numb when they have calluses, and scrubbing them with pumice stone won’t help much in regaining their sensations.

Gently dig your nail on the skin, and walk it, many times, as closed as you can on top of the numb skin. Then squeeze the toe between your thumb and forefinger. Roll it back and forth, going down to the base and go up to the sides of the nail. Try also to squeeze the sides of the nail, then the top of the nail itself. You will feel some pain, but that is natural at first. Once the circulation and health of the toe is good, you won’t feel the same pain when you do it again.

Also, it will take a month to few months before the skin sensations – of the part affected by the calluses – are regained. (The result depends on the thickness of the calluses)

You will notice that in few days of taking care of you calluses, the dead skins are like dirt peeling off from the skin.

Don’t be in a hurry to remove you callus because you might end up hurting yourself. Give time for the body to repair itself; just don’t stop what you are doing. And once, you regained the beauty of your feet, maintain it. Don’t give a chance for calluses to reform again.

And for good caring of your feet to avoid calluses, just click this link, , it gives you good, if not the best, advice for your beloved feet.

However, I would like to add that wrong socks, too, can create callus problem.

I have learned this from a friend. Before he told me his story, I always blamed my shoes as the one that causes rubbing in my toes, and back of my heels. Because of that, either I buy a new pair of shoes, or I won’t use my shoes.

Now, how will you know if your socks are the culprit?

My friend said, “Wear your socks, and be aware of rubbing on the small toe, or on the big toe….” Since I won’t lose if I try, I obliged. He was right, so, I threw away some of my good socks because they are rubbing on the sides of my big toes and small toes, and sometimes on the back of my heels.

Now, I go around looking for good socks that fits me. Shoes? I saved fewer than a dozen, so, it may take a few years before I decide to buy another one.

What do you think?


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