Massage For Chronic Fatigue Condition

If you have the following problems, the shinbone massage might help:

1. Sleeping a lot, but still sleepy when waking up

2. Feeling sluggish

3. Feeling sleepy during classes for students, during work for employees, meetings or when one is simply sitting down.

4. You cannot concentrate

5. Cannot sleep at night or having the hard time to fall asleep (Insomnia)


= Massage the SHINBONE; I cannot say why this technique helps. All I know is it solved the above problem I enumerated. The only obvious justification of other practitioners of alternative therapy would be that it promotes blood circulation, and balances the energy of the body. However, I don’t buy this kind of explanation, because there must be something deeper and more scientific reason for it which we leave to those who are interested in finding the reasons behind of anything that looks like magic.

How to do it?

Leg massage

Massaging the shinbone

This is done while sitting down or lying down on bed, or find a position that is comfortable which gives you a free hand to massage your leg. However, it is more enjoyable if a partner can do it for you. As you massage the muscles, you will feel tired muscles that need help.

A. Put the three fingers of your right hand on top of the shinbone closed to the ankle joint above the inside protruding bone shown in the picture below.

B. Feel the front of the shinbone. Press slowly and as hard as you could tolerate.

C. Then move or crawl them forward. Let them walk like a worm, or let them walk one after the other going back to the other edge of the bone. Another way is to let your fingers walk like crabs(sideways) going up to the knee. Feel for a sensitive spot. When you found a sensitive spot, press on the spot longer.

Hooking under the shinbone

D. When you reached the back of the shinbone, start again from the front- above where you finished massaging.

E. Do this until you reached below the knee.

F. Now, use your left hand fingers to touch the muscle, known as Tibialis anterior.

G. Put your fingers between the muscle and the shinbone or tibia. Press the edge of the bone by hooking your fingers under the concave of the bone as shown in the picture below.

A massage to treat some chronic fatigue problems

Massaging the back of the shinbone

H. Hold for few seconds – release – then move your fingers down until you reached the front of the ankle joint

I. Do the massage on the other leg

Repeat the procedures three more times, and repeat it as much as you want until the problem is solve. Also, it helps to include massaging the calf muscles, and muscles around the leg.

Another variation is using your thumbs to press into the interior part of the tibial bone, as shown in the left picture below.

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