Massage Lesson: Natural Remedy on the Footpath

The way I learned massage was something I cannot explain to myself until now. There were many things happened which I cannot find the exact words to describe it – things that gave me enthusiasm to practice it.

Like this story that I am going to tell here now. It happened August 1988, when I was working as a laborer in one of the residential home my cousin was building.

It was almost a month that it was raining and drizzling and the sun rarely comes out. Because of the weather, I got colds and my nose was stuffy; a bit of fever and I am feeling pains in my body. So, I was thinking what massage can do in order to avoid using pills for the cold.

For two days, the colds stayed with me, while the fever come and go.

Then, on the third day a blessing came! I was walking in a footpath going back to the construction site we were working, when I saw a part of a “reading material” – the size of a short coupon bond. Curious – I picked it up and looked what’s written on the pages. It looked like one page is the page 1 and 2 and the other leaf is the last two pages. There were few articles written, but one topic caught my attention. It was about using pressure points on the head and body to treat common headaches and also cold!

I got excited and amazed! How in the world I found in this dirty footpath the answer to my problem! So, I sat down and read it.

The article detailed how you apply finger pressure on your head, then, going down to your body. However, the paragraph ended by the time it reached the neck and said, “To be continued in the next issue.” I got dismayed I cannot read how to finish up the self-help massage!

When I checked who wrote the article, I found only the name of the publisher, a Chinese publication which is unknown to me. The problem, it was published a year before!

I tried to locate the office place based on the written address on the editorial page, but I cannot find it in the said location. I looked on the news-stands for copies and asked them if they knew a name of such reading material but to no avail.

Anyway, I tried what I learned from that piece of paper to myself. As I was sitting down on a big boulder, I applied pressure on the points as described by the article.

Even before the time I was finished – I already felt better. I did it again for the second time at night when I was about to sleep. The following day I don’t have colds anymore.

The technique is my main basic tool in treating headaches from that time on. Since, I did not finish reading the whole article – I made my own continuation – from the shoulders and finished it on the hands.

Aside from myself, my aunt, the older sister of my father, always have pressure headaches due to her high blood pressure was my first subject or patient for headaches and colds.

Let me share what I read on that piece of paper. I hope it can help.

1. Start from the sides of the bridge of your nose using the fleshy pad of your two forefingers.

2. Now let your forefingers walk up to the center of your forehead until you reach

your hairline.

3. From the hairline, you can use your forefingers and middle fingers to apply

pressure on the hairlines – left hand going to the left while

the right goes to the right.

4. Continue applying pressure on the hairlines until your fingers start to descend on

the back of your neck – here you can use your thumbs while the other fingers

hold the head as supports to give more pressure.

5. By the time you reach the center at the back of your head, let your thumbs slide

on the side of the neck. Do three – five times. Then with your other fingers

apply a slight sliding pressure at the center of the back of the neck – three to five


6. From there, let your left hand massage the top of your right shoulder and the

right hand massage the top of the left shoulder. Use your four fingers. Let them

walk the top of your shoulder – like playing a piano. (This was the last procedure on the paper. But let me share also the continuation I made to finish the technique)

7. Now after the top of the shoulders, continue to apply the pressure on the side of

the deltoids going down to your upper arm, and lower arm

8. Do the same on the other side.

9. Massage your hands and fingers.

In addition to these steps, I included applying finger pressure on the center of my head (towards the back of my head) by using both four fingers of each hand. Then from the center make another line on either side.

Another tip: instead of following lines after massaging the center of your head, you can do a free movement massage – by just letting your eight fingers walk all over your head. Or you can do anything you want and find the best touch you like.

Just feel the relaxing effect of what you’re doing. Forget all the rules you’ve read from here or any books you read before.

As I have said, after sometime, you will develop your instinct and improve your massage skills.

What do you think?

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