Massage Remedy For Eye Problems

The title of this article should be “Eye Massage unrecognized remedy for eye problems,” but due to a comical turn of event it changed to the title now – “Massage Remedy for Eye Problems.”

One of my patients who had a mild stroke told me about his brother whose eyesight is getting lost. The brother is young at the age of 36 and with four children. He asked if I have any idea about the problem because when the brother went to see a doctor for a check-up the optometrist cannot find eyeglasses to improve his sight.

They checked his blood sugar for diabetes which is the most likely caused of his problem but his sugar count is very normal. Even the other doctors they went to see cannot explain the underlying cause of the problem.

I asked if I can see his brother and see if massage can help because I had many experiences about eyesight problems since the time I started doing massage therapy. As I mentioned in one of my posts Massage For Eye Problems, Massage can help many eye troubles like sty, excessive tears to no tears or dry eyes, blurry vision, and many unbelievable eye problems not caused by injury.

In short, they called me the third week last June this year to see my patient’s younger brother who was waiting in his home.

Before I started treatment, I asked him to see things around him, like the farthest he could see such as a house about 100 meters away and objects nearby and around the room. He reported that he can see the shape of the house about 100 meters away but not its windows and doors, and can’t recognize the color. Nearer everything is blurry and can’t recognize his five years old niece beyond four meters away.

When I asked about his history on how and when his problem started.

He said he just got up from a sleep one afternoon and he noticed something was wrong with one of his eyes sight. As the days went by his other eyes vision also slowly followed to diminish. As usual, part of old tradition, they asked a community healer who could detect if the problem is natural or something caused by a spirit of a dead relative. They followed the custom’s way of pacifying the spirits however to no effect.

That’s the time they went to see a doctor.

The doctor gave him prescriptions to help him but he said there was no improvement and has no choice but to accept his luck.

I told him there is no guarantee massage can improve his vision, but I told him that based on my experiences, after the treatment he should notice a significant improvement if it will help.

I gave him head massage and pressed on the points on the head that affect the eyes. Next are the orbits of the eyes, then the top of the eyeballs using the tips of my forefingers which he said it felt very itchy then he began to tears.

After 20 minutes I stopped and asked him to again look around to see if there is any improvement.

He was amazed and very glad he could now discern the windows and doors of the house he almost can’t recognized as a house before the treatment. And all the other objects nearer became clearer.

Excited with his report, I continued to massage his head and other acupressure points on the foot and a fast relaxing massage to the whole body to finish.

When we were done he gave me a big tip and I heard him very happy reporting to his brother about the big improvement to his eyesight.
To see if the problem could really be improved or

To completely solved his problem, another two to three more sessions is needed and that’s when to decide if the improvement he felt at the moment is not just temporary.

Well, I purposely delayed the posting of this article until supposed to be after the third treatment, however, he never called or sent a message through text for a follow up treatment. And what made me worry something not so good might have happened was his brother did not also call for another session for more than a month. The friends I asked said he must be busy with his business and must be in Manila because it’s the high season of their business. From that information, I decided not to call, though I should have had but the worry of a bad news about his brother’s eyes made me not to.

Then, last week he called me if I have time to visit him because he needed treatment. I gave a very deep sigh of relief because I sensed all was well through his voice.

I was happy to go and when I was there I asked about his brother’s eyes condition explaining I never had a call or notice for a follow up. His answer made me almost drop from my chair!

He said his brother’s eyes are better since the day I treated it, however, his brother told doesn’t want to make a chance of a follow up treatment because he does not want that another treatment might spoil the good sight he regained from the first treatment-he is worried the problem might return if I messed up with whatever I fixed in his eyes!

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