Massage Technique To Resolve Women’s Painful Sex Problem

Massage is such a very powerful tool to help us for our illnesses as for prevention, first aid, and cure by stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanism through manipulation. One of the things massage benefit is help women to overcome painful sex.

One of the signs a woman have a sure pain during sexual intercourse is when she has incontinence.

Barring all other reasons, like an infection or STD the problem can be help by massage.

The very common reason why a woman will have pain is due to a prolapsed organ. One of the common organs that drop is her uterus and we know that at the end of the uterus is the cervix. Thus, when this organ prolapsed and goes too low near the vaginal opening then it will become like a “punching bag” for the head of the penis during sex play.

The trouble with this is because men do not know about a prolapsed uterus, so, they tend to think that their weapon is too long. The danger is when the woman thinks of the same; thus, both partners do not seek for advice and pretend the problem is just normal. This thinking, for sure, results to a more complicated problem. By the time, they ask for help, it would be too late (A very common problem with people, they only become concerned when pain becomes intolerable – and when they do something – usually, is too late because the pain is already in its advance chronic condition)

At this stage, massage can do very little or nothing but just ease the pain.

However, at the very early stage, massage can do amazingly to prevent a simple problem from becoming a chronic disease. So, learn the following massage techniques in order to use it every time and any time you need it. If you have read some of my previous topics, you might come across “Ultimate Massage Therapy for Sciatica,” where I already enumerated the step by step of abdominal massage. The steps I enumerated there is the same with the techniques I have to discuss here. Only that we have to be more focus on the lower abdomen.

Self-abdominal massage

1. This is best done in an incline bed or board or put some pillows under your hips and lower-back.

Before you start scooping up your abdomen, relax it first by rubbing as you apply the oil.

2. Now, form a heart shape or v-shaped with your fingers where the forefinger tips are touching each other.

3. Put fingers above the pubic bone (touch the pubic bone as a guide) and dig your fingers in as you move them back and forth without lifting off from your skin.

4. When you feel you are about an inch to two inches deep pull your hands by scooping it upward towards your navel. To ease any pain give a slow shaking motion as you pull up your hands.

You will feel pain during the process but that is normal. Try to ease the pain by moving your hands slowly and stop as you breathe, but without releasing the hands until you reach the navel area.

5. Repeat the procedure to the whole abdomen.

To achieve best result learn the technique with a partner. For massage with a partner read “Abdominal Massage procedure: Facing the head” only that you have to focus more on the lower abdomen.


1. The following day, if you are having the treatment for the first time, you will feel cramps on your abdomen (feels like you did sit-ups for the first time) but that is normal at first; however, you can ease the pain by massaging it. The pain will go away in a week or less, but expect to have it occasionally during treatment, especially when there are weak muscles that are work on.

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