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An article on the Huffington Post ( about headache left me wondering. The remedies they mentioned for me is an old known facts in the poor countryside of my place, but what amazed me is the figure they gave that millions of people are suffering from it. Wow, with all the modern technology of creating drugs for headaches, the number of sufferers still reaches that figure – and must be increasing as years go by.

More than 20 years ago I was also suffering headaches, due to many reasons, like; colds, sinusitis, eye-problems, hangover, stress, depression, and other causes.

Usually when my headaches occur, I just take a pain reliever and that would at least help until the problem comes back again. However, the problem does not select a time when it attacks, and when that happens I had no choice but to go home.

Gladly, I learned acupressure, which I still do not know at that time. The only thing I knew was the common name massage or Ilot (i – loot) in our local dialect. I only learned about the other terms, acupressure, shiatsu, and the other techniques you can find in the books and internet later. I got interested to know more about massage, hence I went to the library researching about it, and when I went to school to get my diploma and certificate that also gave me the chance to take the licensure exam, which I passed – top sixth on the written and top three on the practicum. Nevertheless, even after all that, there are still a lot of massage name that I do not know, but who cares, I have my own technique and it is working pretty well with me, and that is what I am going to describe to you how it is done on the head.

Finger–walks on the head

Learning this technique could make you a head masseur/masseuse. There is no other way of mastering a massage than by doing it to your own self. This way you can learn how each degree of pressure feels and find the best pressure that suits you. Nevertheless, there are times you need a heavy, pressure, light pressure, or medium pressure. The point is, judge it yourself how much “pain” you can tolerate.

Each pressure may lasts from one second, two seconds, and seven seconds or up to 15 seconds when the pleasure of pain is too sweet to let go.

Steps you can start with:

With these steps, if done every day, there is no doubt that you can learn to treat your headaches. Keep practicing, and you will have with you the best tool of headache treatment that has been considered nothing but magic by medical practitioners, but it is now reestablishing itself as the most effective tool for pains.

1. Start at the center of your forehead between the eyebrows, put two or three fingers of both hands, and then slide them up to the hairlines. From there, walk them slowly going to the back until you reach the hairline and back of the neck.

2. Back to the front hairline; put your fingers about an inch (left fingers an inch to the left and right fingers an inch to the right) from the center where you started before. Repeat this two more times.

3. On the outermost sides, use your thumbs to press on them.

4. As you are doing steps one and two, feel for sensitive points, and points that feels good and give relief. Also, feel the electric like current that goes to your eyes, back of your head or anywhere on the head. If you find one, concentrate on it. Usually you will find two – three points – enough to relieve the pain.

5. The common spots for these sweet points are on both sides of the head the line where you did step two.

6. The other points are on the occipital regions or the ridge of the skull at the back of your head. Just press on the ridge – upward against the bone – and find a spot that gives you the best pleasure and relief to your headache.

Once you learned this one through practice, you can experiment on the other points and degrees of pressure. Now, pray that you will always have headaches until you become a master, not only for your headaches, but also for other people’s headaches.


Let me just share one kind of the headaches that I had experienced and how I treated it.

Sinusitis is the worst headache I had. Half of my head was like being cut at the center. My right cheek was sensitive and felt thick from numbness. My right eye’s vision was blurry, and it was always having tears.

I was worried that it was more than just a headache, and was thinking might be a sign of cancer. I went to a well-known doctor in the city for a check-up. He said it was a cold, so he gave me something for colds. I finished the first bottle he prescribed, thus I went to buy another bottle for the second week dose. I am taking the syrup three times a day, but the second bottle was almost finished, but there was no change at all – and the pain was getting worst.

When the pain was really throbbing and I cannot sleep, I reminded myself why during the past days I never tried to massage it – I thought – might be that the pain was different from the headaches I had before. Besides, I was always tired from my work as a laborer in a building construction, so, I had no strength left to take care of myself when I come home in the evening. Because the pain was intolerable, I grasped my head with my fingers and started to apply pressure with their fleshy pads.

Thanks to that experience, I learned to treat my sinusitis.

Sinusitis requires mild, medium, and heavy pressures. When I treated my sinusitis, it took two nights and one day. Uh, I do not mean 36 hours straight applying finger pressure on my head! When I say two nights, it was like 30 minutes before I fell asleep at night. During the day, it was like maybe the same time, because as I go to my work, my fingers were busy locating the points on my head while I am sitting down in a jitney, or taxi.

Then, in the early morning, after the second night, I felt there was mucus deep in my nose, so I blew it out with a little force. As soon as the first mucus came out, I felt my head heaviness suddenly unloaded. My right blurry eye suddenly can see clearly again. I checked the mucus on the lavatory, and was color greenish with dark blood in it. I blew two more times, and that was it: The first and the last time I had inflamed sinusitis.

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