Overactive Bladder

I was only 32 years old when I experienced overactive bladder. Each time I empty my bladder, I felt it never ends. There was always the feeling of there is still a little bit left and the urine kept going – little by little. It was very awful because I could stand in front of the urinal for hours and the urge will not stop – unless I had to force myself. More embarrassing that when I put my thing inside my underwear a drip-drop always wet it – leaving a stain, and smell of urine.

The problem bothered me for a few months, and made me worried something was wrong. I was just feeling better because I learned I was not alone. Some of my friends, both sexes, have the same complaints; however, the subject was not seriously discussed, although, some said it is good because it clears out their body of toxins, and the others admitted it is disturbing at night, and embarrassing, especially when they are traveling.

As a massage therapist, I research what points can help to ease-up or stop the problem. The problem was the books could not give me a solution; so, I tried to solve the problem on my own by experimenting on my body.

In doing so, I learned penile massage, a treatment that made the flow of my urine regain its strength (I discussed this in one of my earlier article). Penile massage is also very helpful in regaining the strength of your erection. It also stopped the drip-drop problem caused by the never stop flow of urine; however, it did not solve my overactive bladder.

I never considered going to see a doctor because as I have said in my other articles, I “lost” my trust in them long time ago when it comes to bladder problem. One of my uncles who had the same problem died of it because the doctor said he had a UTI. I could have had believed it if the problem was not bothering him for years. When he went to seek medical help, his life was cut short five months after suffering from the surgery he had – which I believe was not necessary.

Nevertheless, I believe things happen for a reason, because if the doctors were successful in treating my uncle’s problem, I would never have found out that massage is a very effective tool to treat overactive bladder. I would never have a doubt to seek medical help.

Forget injury, and the number one caused for an overactive bladder is a prolapsed of our internal organs which directly or indirectly pressing onto our bladder, which in turn sends a signal to the prostate gland to keep working giving us the urge to relieve ourselves of urine.

As we get older, we tend to become less active. When we are less active, our muscles lost its elasticity and become weaker including the internal muscles and ligaments that connect and hold the internal organs inside the abdominal cavity. But why other friends do not have the problem? Genes may have a hand on it, too, which is already out of my knowledge to expound. My concern is to share the massage techniques/procedure I am using to solve my problem and using it to help others, too.


That is right, abdominal massage did wonders to me – it helped me treat my sciatica problem, gassy stomach, heartburn, overactive bladder, and many more problems I thought do not have natural remedy to ease them. And as I was sharing the technique to others, I found out that it could also help people with hemorrhoids. From my experience, I do believe abdominal massage will become an integral part of preventive natural therapy of the future once people looking for natural therapy for common problems that do not need immediate medical attention appreciate its effectiveness.

Do the massage with the help of a partner or learn to do it yourself.

A. Facing the head

  1. Facing the head of your partner, stay on the level of the hip where the pain is felt.
  2. Apply oil then rub it on the abdomen to make it warm, and have an idea about its health. Hard, gassy, or soft.
  3. Now, form a semi W with your thumbs touching each other on their tips. Put them on top of the lower abdomen on the side just above the pubic bone but about 2 inches away from the center.
  4. Now, push in the thumbs slowly moving back and forth. (The purpose is to put the thumbs below the intestines)
  5. when you feel you are deep enough ( about 1-2 inches) turn your thumbs so that your nails are in front of you. Then start to push upwards slowly towards the navel.
  6. As you reach the navel, slowly release the pressure. Repeat several times covering the whole lower abdomen but give more time to the side with the problem.

B. Abdominal massage without a partner (SELF MASSAGE)

  1. Lie down in a supine position without cover on the abdomen. Rub your hands until they get warm then put them over your stomach. Try to relax.
  2. Pour enough oil on your hand then apply it over your abdomen, rub until it is warm and you feel relaxed.
  3. Now form a V-shape with your both hands, forefingers touching each other, and put it over the lower abdomen just above your pubic bone (Touch your pubic bone as a guide where to start.)
  4. Slightly curl your fingers and try to dig deeper by moving your fingers back and forth – without releasing the pressure. Maintaining the pressure pull your fingers up in a scooping motion towards the navel. Imagine that you are relieving the bladder of weights from your “prolapsed intestine.”
  5. As you reach your navel, slowly release the pressure while taking a deep breath.
  6. Repeat the procedures a few more times covering the whole lower abdomen.
  7. To solve the drip-drop problem and to strengthen one’s erection, read also Penile Massage.


Massage therapy is powerful but it cannot make one invincible from sickness without doing the other basics of health like rest, diet, exercise, and spiritual.

What do you think?

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