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Sorry, but the title is in fact about simple body stretching that could help promote circulation to your penis, and help correct your erection problem.

Aside from the penile massage, I found exercise that has a direct effect on maintaining the health of our (men’s) pride. The exercise is very simple, and the effect of the stretching can be felt on the penile trunk, and sometimes even going to the tip of the glans during the exercise if one is having trouble on that part of their body.

The focus of this exercise is the muscles of your abdomen, especially, the ones just above the base of the penis. If you have sexual problem caused by blockage this exercise can help you.

  1. Now slowly bring your two hands up
  2. Take deep breathe for at least three times to relax
  3. Legs one foot apart.
  4. Stand up straight. Hands on your side
  5. As you bring up your hands, also start to inhale as much air as you can while you   slowly tilt your body and head backward with your hands straight and palms facing up
  6. Hold, and feel the stretch from your abdominal muscles going down to the base of the penis. People who have problem will feel the effect up to the tip of their shaft.
  7. Hold the position for a few seconds to one minute then slowly return to the starting position.
  8. Warning: Close your eyes if you have problem of vertigo and bring your head down until you feel steady on your legs/feet.
  9. Repeat the procedure five to ten times and do it every day until the abdominal muscles are stronger.
  10. For supplementary, also do forward bending and try to touch the floor with your palms or as far as you can reach.
  11. Then, next, do sideways bending with your one hand going up over the head. Repeat on the other side.
  12. Then, another exercise which is good to add is leg stretching by bending one leg on the knee and let the other leg stretches. Do it to the sides and front. 




    Variation of the exercise…

    A variation is one can hold a long bar with plates, or plain barbell-bar but not to bring up over the head because it may cause injury. Just hold the weights at the level of your thighs. Another is to hold a long stick, or a towel to be able to put the hands over the head.


    This exercise may cause someone to get dizzy at the beginning, but will go away as soon as one already doing the exercise regularly. People who has problem of vertigo or dizziness, do it with extreme caution.

    To avoid dizziness, close the eyes as you straighten yourself from tilting to your back. Hold yourself, and bow your head, relax, take a deep breathe then open your eyes.

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