Penile Massage 11

In general, getting a full body massage to promote a good fluid circulation of the body is the best start. Now, if you’re getting it regularly, request from your masseur to give more attention to these parts of the body and use the suggested techniques:

1. Whole Back –

A. Light to medium thumb pressure between the spinal bones. Key: Use the edge of the thumb to have a better contact on the connective muscles.

B. Thumb pressure on the sides of the spine, by pressing the muscles against the spinal bone. Key: Use the pad of the thumb this time.

C. Lower back, especially on the fifth lumbar joint including the iliac crest regions of the lower back

2. Fast Alternate Hand Hacking on the back – here, as the technique is applied to your back, you could feel a current like feeling to your penis.

Alternate Hand hacking massage

Alternate hand -hack massge

A. Masseur gives a medium force hacking at the back by using the fleshy side of the hands. To transfer heat to the muscles, the masseur should let the palms of his hands touches each other to create a friction as they go up and down together as he applies the technique. The faster the better.

B. Other hacking moves:

  • Praying hand position – hands should be held not so tight or too light; fingers should have spaces in between to create a cupping sounds as they go down on the muscles.
  • Cupping – should be applied fast to have a relaxing feeling afterwards.
  • Pummeling or closed fists – use the fleshy side of the hands to strike the muscles of the back.

3. Finish it using a vibration technique or shaking the body by putting the palms on top of the back then move it by making the muscles of the arms tensed as you move your palm over the back – slight(move the palms without putting weight) to medium(Go deeper into the muscles by putting some weight)

4. Deep kneading of the buttocks/gluteus muscles, and finishes it with one of the hacking moves in number two, and also use number three.

5. Front of the thighs to the knees– People who have weak thigh muscles cannot last long in bed, and will not be able to control his ejaculation no matter how much concentration he does.

A. Deeper kneading with thumb pressures should be applied on the muscles and in between muscles.
B. End it with more gliding and shaking

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