Penile Massage

Men do you have these following problems? Here is a priceless secret I am going to reveal to you.

1. Always feel a stinging sensitivity in the tip of your penis when you urinate.

2. You feel itchiness where the urine passes through.

3. A feeling of like never finished urinating and no matter how you wiggle to the right and to the left you still

always catch a drop of urine in your underwear.

4. Weak erection/No erection at all.

5. The orgasm or ejaculation is not that strong anymore and you’re only in your 30’s or younger?

6. You haven’t yet ejaculated and your wood is now like a thread that cannot get into a needle’s hole!

7. Stinging pain after a great sex. This is worrisome because you might think you have a STD if you have been

playing around (or worse you will suspect your wife is having an extra affair.)

If you have been with the doctor and all the results of your laboratory tests are negative I am sure this simple technique can help.

This is one of my secrets in regaining longer hard erection which I thought I lost.

If the problem has no other causes and is only from the result of your being sexually active then this is very helpful. By the way, sexually active people are prone with this problem so if you’re one of them, go on reading.

Like muscles in your arms when it is “over-used” it gets tired and weakish. The muscles of the penis are the same. It gets tired and weakish and it won’t recover its strength that fast if you

just rely on your doctor’s advice. It may, but you have to spend thousands of dollars on Viagra or like it that can boost your erection.

Penile massage helps to relax the veins and muscles of the Corpus cavernosa; PM helps the penis regain its strength.

1. Start at the head of the penis. Hold the frenum with your forefinger and the top of the penis with your thumb.

2. Slightly press.

3. Slightly roll it with your thumb and forefinger.

People with the problem feel itchiness inside. Continue rolling with a little pinch back and forth. Gauge on your own when to stop pinching and rolling, but usually this may take three to

five times or maybe more.

4. LOCATE THE Corpus Cavernusom which is located just below the frenum going down the entire length of the penis (Have a book on anatomy and find the penile picture)

5. Use the tips(Preferably the tips of your nails) of two or three fingers and “Scratch” it going down (But not like scratching on itchy skin) Be cautious not to do it hard else you might cut the skin or hurt your penis.

First touch the skin above of the urethra or Corpus cavernusom. Go deeper, and feel the inside. Then start moving you fingers in scratching motion. When there are blockages you will

feel a gritty feeling while scratching it. Go down the entire length of the penis until you almost reach the anus.

6. Repeat the process 2 -3 times then stop or till you feel it’s no longer itchy.


****The best time to do and best place for penile massage is when lying down on bed at night, and early in the morning after emptying your bladder.

**** Usually the result is immediate. You’ll notice no more drip-drops of urine when finished urinating.

****I don’t have to say how hard your wood is; it is you who can tell the difference.

**** Another benefit of PM is it is handy and you can always use it every time you feel you need it.


Do the technique slowly at first until you find the right pressure and mastered the technique. Because if not done right it may result to injury!!!

What do you think?


  • M Astor Bader

    Is this for a specific penile issue or is it a masturbation technique? When I followed the instructions and performed the required tasks I had an unintended orgasmic semen eruption so I felt that I had to continue jerking on it until I tugged the entire load out.

  • Well, e nei hao, the reason I shared it here is because it is helping me, and it is helping my friends whom i shared with, so, i am sure it can help many more, and thank you for sharing it, too.

  • e nei hao

    Hahha Thats a cool post! interesting lol, may i repost this to people concerns might help them though….:)

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