Point to Massage for “Angina Pectoris”

Chest pain when breathing is alarming. However, when the doctor says the result of your entire laboratory are all saying you’re healthy, then, I guess the problem is a pulled muscle or cramp which is affecting a nerve, connected to the diaphragm muscles, that causes chest pain when you breathe.

If you are a hard worker, athletic, then the possibility is you strained a muscle on your back.

The problem also is a recurring one. It comes and goes. However, when the body can no longer take care of it, like any muscles of the body, such as the ones on the back, prostate muscles, it will become chronic and it could create a real problem. But, if the pain is cause by blocked arteries in your heart, and you have shortness of breath when doing an activity you’ve been doing almost daily for years, then, please, nag your doctor to do more examination, because it must be an emergency. If he insists, nothing to worry about, my boss said, “The more you should worry” – get another opinion.

Before that happens, help yourself with massage by pressing on this point at the back. The problem comes back many times, but knowing this technique can help one treat it like a headache.


The easier way than for me describing the anatomy of the point is to search for Bladder 15 in acupuncture points chart. That is the most specific area I believe the point is located; however, take the point on the side where you feel the pain (usually on the left). If the pain is on the right side, be sure it hurts only when you breathe, because if the pain is not connected with your breathing, it might be a gall bladder or other types of problem that needs a doctor.

When you found the point, ask a partner to press the point for you, using the tip or fleshy pad of their thumb. Use both thumbs for stronger pressure.

When you don’t have anyone who could help, try to reach it with any of your fingers and press the point as hard as you can tolerate for as long as you want – release, then repeat the process.

If you are not that flexible, find a pointed-round corner (e.g. rectangular table, chair) and press your back against it.

Pressure point for chest pain

Here is the location of the point. Picture taken when I was treating a patient who had the problem, which he said, started about 15 years ago. He said, it stopped for 5 years, and then it came back less than a year by now. He is a policeman, and they are having strenuous exercises to keep their body healthy. Two doctors have conflicting diagnosis. One said he has a heart problem, the other said he has a strained muscle. But, he is prescribed with a medicine for heart which has no effect because the pain bother him almost everyday.

The result was immediate. The pain is gone after 15 minutes of acupressure massage. I know it will come back again, but that will be quite a time to wait.

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