Press This Point For Common Diarrhea

Warning:  Before doing anything else, be sure that you are not vomiting.  This could indicate a more serious problem, an infection that needs immediate attention of a doctor.  However, as natural first aid, you can still use the procedure to ease the problem. 

I assumed all of us experienced stomach upset at least once that forced us to visit the private room in no time.

When this happens, our instinct is to go buy a pill that would stop it, especially when we do not know of other alternative treatment in place of the pill.  Well and well, however, there are times, we are in a situation where in the nearest pharmacy cannot be found, or the problem happens at the middle of the night.  In short, we are helpless now that it happens.

I had this experience, many times, not only in the past, but also even at present.  A food anywhere we go that is why, ones in every 100 invitations, I think it will catch on at us. The trouble is it just happen without any warning, and does not select the time and place.  But, as a massage practitioner, the trouble, made me to find the points.

These points are easy to locate.  Even a non-massage practitioner can find it and use it at the time of need.  In addition, it can be used to help a friend or family in need. Not only that, this can be applied for babies who have the same problem.

The points I am talking about are found at the lower back, approximately, on both sides of the fifth lumbar area.

It is easy to locate because it has an indentations.  If you cannot find it, just try to press on that part of the lumbar area, above the iliac bones. Another sign you got the point is as if your thumb pushed in a hollow point.  Refer to the figure below and press those points indicated by the two dots.  Use both thumbs to press on them.  Also, include to massage the sacrum and around the anus.

Fig.  1 = Points for diarrhea

When you pressed the right spot you will feel a relief, like your rectum had closed, and you will feel better.

In a baby, you would notice a slight movement or reaction of the muscles around the points, after that no more, and you can stop treatment. Observe the baby’s bowel movements if there is any improvement or none at all.

You can press it while standing, lying on your back on the bed, or lying on your side using one thumb and press one point at a time.  However, if you have a partner to do it for you then that is much better.  You can do it for several times until you feel relief.

After this treatment, you might go to the toilet one or two times more.

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