Problems Abdominal Massage Can Help

I believe that years from now, the therapeutic power of massage will be rediscovered and will become the number one on hand tool for prevention, first aid, treatment of many body disorders, and maintenance of health. However, again, I would like to emphasize that massage is not a do it all magic as being preach by many practitioners who are causing the public to doubt the effectiveness of massage to help them with their ailments. And let me warn readers that learning this trick does not mean you become invincible from sickness. When one really wants a perfect health, the other basics of health must also be practiced – rest, physical activities, food (physical and spiritual).

In this article, let us know some of the problems massage – particularly, abdominal massage can help us to maintain our health.
Most of the times people go see their body workers when they have stress, back pain, and headaches, because they do not know that massage can also help them on the following problems:

Self-abdominal massage

Self-abdominal massage

1. It helps remedy constipation – if we browse the internet and flip the books of massage, we can see that they are championing massage as a very good way to help ease constipation. Well, I can guarantee that it certainly works. As a caregiver for many years, I used it to help many of my constipated patients, and it is the number one in my arsenal to use every time someone in my family and friends complains about constipation.

2. It helps hemorrhoid problem – friends and some patients with hemorrhoid trouble whom I gave abdominal massage told me their problem eased up and their hemorrhoid improved. I do believe that if abdominal massage is regularly given, it can completely treat the trouble away. However, to make it successful one must learn discipline to avoid hot foods, and oily foods can greatly help.

3. It helps to treat sciatica – sciatica is one of the most defiant types of pain that afflicts millions of people and the doctors are brazenly asking people to pay them vast amount of money for treatments that mostly don’t work. I was happy I did not have the money, else I did not learn abdominal massage could easily stop the problem twelve years ago when I was almost depressed because of the misery sciatica caused me.

4. It helps heartburn to ease up – pressing and working on the point under your xiphoid process could almost immediately relieve that acid burning your esophagus because you were not able to control your appetite in a fabulous party.

5. It helps hasten delivery of a baby – experts used abdominal manipulation to deliver a baby and avoid surgery by positioning the head of a child at the opening. My wife had trouble giving birth with our first child. After waiting for long time at the delivery room, the attending midwife, probed her abdomen, then with both hands moved the fetus inside her, and positioned it to the exit. As my wife forced the baby to come out, the midwife help by giving a little push at the upper abdomen and in split seconds the baby was out.

6. It helps a woman to conceive – Strange? Many women who do not conceive have a prolapsed uterus. When they do, the of the sperm goes out every after a sexual intercourse with their partner reducing the chance for their ova to be fertilized. Abdominal massage can correct this one and women in the Philippine barrios are still seeking it.

7. Helps correct incontinence in men and women

8. Helps women who experience painful sex by correcting a prolapsed uterus

9. It helps men to avoid and treat prostate problem

10. It helps to treat testicular pain due to hernia

11. It helps eliminate gas

We can enumerate more troubles that abdominal massage helps, however, knowing them all will not help one from correcting his/her trouble. If one is interested, learn it with a partner and in the course of doing it, one can discover more ailments where the technique could immensely of benefits.

To learn how to do self-abdominal massage read “Massage Technique To Resolve Women’s Painful Sex Problem,” however, couples should learn the technique together to get the most out of it. And once you learned it, you can readjust your moves to suit the way you treat each one of the enumerated problems above.

Before you do deep massage, first master the basic by applying light manipulation over your abdomen using only your palms and fingers. Then try to go deeper and practice varying your moves and pressures until such time that you feel confident on what you are doing.

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