Prostate massage To Regain Your Prostate Health

When all the symptoms you feel are saying you might have a prostate problem and the laboratory tests ordered by your doctor cannot confirm it, you might have prolapsed internal organs that are irritating your prostate gland.

A prolapsed intestine probably is one of them.

When the intestine prolapsed, it rests on the bladder, which in turn irritates the prostate gland below it – which confuses the prostate gland to keep on working tricking the bladder to pass urine. As time goes on, this nut-like shaped organ gets tired, like the ordinary muscles of the body, which results to prostate problem. That is why no matter how much medicine and laboratory tests the patient takes there is no improvement on what he is feeling and sometimes there is no indication of a prostate trouble.

It is still fresh in my mind the story of my father’s brother –in-law. For many years, he had problem about his urination. In spite of it, he was able to do his work. However, since the problem bothered him, he went to see doctors to solve it. He spent thousands of pesos on medicines, and tests but nothing was helping. Until one day, he was referred to what they call as a specialist who declared he got UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and was scheduled for surgery. He stayed at the hospital for five days after the surgery. But, he was too dismayed because instead of getting better, he felt more pains as a result of the surgery, and in the fifth-day, after he was released, there was blood in his urine. Immediately, he was back to the hospital. He stayed in there for three months – suffering from pains his doctors could not gave satisfying answer and explanation, but just an infection. Finally, his suffering ended – they released him – dead!

The scenario left a mark in my memory and resentment at doctors.

Twelve years ago, I got the same complaint as my father’s brother in law: Lumbar-pain that gone down to my leg and into my foot, and trouble with urination. For almost a year, I suffered, and I was worried. But, no matter how much nagging my friends did for me to go see a doctor – I never did. I made up my mind to discover where in the body is the pressure point to treat in order to stop the pain, and ultimately the problem because the picture of my father’s brother in-law’s suffering on his bed kept coming back – fresh – into my mind. I told myself that the doctors cannot do anything and will kill me anyhow. I would rather take the chance by myself.

Finally, my luck, or blessing came, the treatment was revealed to me. Using only my hands, and hands of a friend to massage my abdomen I am glad to say I got free from all the troubles without medical help

The remedy was given to me free; hence, I am sharing it to any men who believe my story, hoping in the near future men will become free from the fear of prostate problem.

Prostate Massage (Abdominal Massage with a partner)

I already discussed the procedure of abdominal massage in one of my article titled “Ultimate Massage Therapy for Sciatica” and, again, on my last article “Abdominal Massage Procedure” but in this article, I want to accentuate some points when we do abdominal massage to treat the prostate.

I know there are many articles published in the internet how to massage the prostate; however, I found them to be not conducive. In addition, it is unsafe because you have to touch the prostate physically which might inflame it and make matters worse. I tried it but aside from its invasive procedure, it was also not working – I was lucky to find the point that could treat it without inserting your finger inside your anus.

Through abdominal massage, we will try to correct the problem by strengthening the intestines and the abdominal wall muscles. At the first and second treatment, the patient should feel a considerable relief, and in a month, should have treatment only as maintenance until such time that the goal is achieve.

Unlike regular abdominal massage where you probe the abdomen to relax, abdominal massage therapy goes farther by working deeper and longer. It concentrates more on the side where you have pain, such as testicular pain, and sciatica.

On the other hand, if you don’t have those problems, and only a problem of incontinence, concentrate on the lower abdomen, at the center. The problem could be that the intestines is resting on you bladder.

In any case, always try to dig your thumbs and go under the intestines.

Here are the steps of abdominal massage (as I said, same as what I discussed in my previous article)

To learn abdominal massage procedure, click this link:

Maximizing the Effectiveness of Abdominal Massage to Help Your Prostate

1. Do it on empty stomach

2. Learn it yourself and, best, with a partner

There are times when a partner cannot touch a point where you feel needs manipulation. If you know how to do the treatment, you will be able to try to massage the point. Also, in between long breaks (morning to evening) you can massage the point when it bothers you.

3. Eat right, and lose weight

4. Do physical activities

5. Do it “after a sex-bout

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