Seek Ilot (Massage Therapy) First Before Any Surgery

It astounds me to find out that many people were offered surgery, or had surgery to remedy their “simple” pains, such as back-pain, shoulder pain, and numbness in their hands.

My (Kumare) friend whom I just gave ilot therapy this evening, said she had a surgery two years ago to remedy the numbness and pain she has been suffering with her left hand and shoulder. The surgery is called Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion(ACDF) which is according to Wikipedia “A surgical procedure to treat nerve root or spinal cord compression by decompressing the spinal cord and nerve roots of the cervical spine with a discectomy in order to stabilize the corresponding vertebrae. This procedure is used when other non-surgical treatments have failed.”

In addition, she also received surgery in her left front wrist to correct a problem the doctors called carpal tunnel syndrome in her left hand.

I am aghast why surgery is always recommended despite the simplicity of many of these pains. Most of the pains recommended for surgery responds very positively with advanced massage therapy or known as Ilot in the Philippines.

I am not against any surgery, however, try massage therapy first and foremost. The trouble is many doctors discourage people to try it.

I suggest that if you have never tried massage therapy yet, do not jump immediately to have surgery, especially surgery on your back to correct the common doctors’ diagnosis as slipped disc, also called herniated disc. Backpains, sciatica problems, Shoulder pains and numbness of the arms are the common problems I encounter as Ilot (Massage) therapist and I could say up to 95% responds positively. Most of those who usually failed are those who had surgery, broken spinal bone due to an accident, chronic problems, especially with years gone(This may still be remedied by massage but requires longer treatments).

My kumare says that until now her pains remain the same that’s why she asked for my help. Why only now and not before she took surgery? She just learned three weeks ago that this is what I am doing from a common friend whose mother was helped by ilot therapy.

By the way what is Ilot? This is a more advance technique of massage practice in the rural areas of the Philippines. It uses all the kinds of massage but applied with more precision and utmost care. Long years of practice and experience is needed to at least become proficient at it.

This mother of our friend, who is now 60 years old, is one of the many people helped by Ilot therapy. She had a problem last year of pain in her back and she cannot walk straight. In fact, there was no comfortable positions that was good for her. So, she came to Baguio City purposely to seek help. I gave her therapy for almost two weeks, and with God’s help, she was able to walk and went home. Unluckily, after one month, she laundered their large thick blanket and now struck her lower back. Though it was not exactly the same feeling like the first time, she felt a cramp-like pain in her buttock making her needing to sit down every few meters to rest before she can continue walking.

So, she came immediately to see me. With the Lord’s help, she could again walk without any pain after a week’s session. Now, she is home working her farm with no complain.

Another example is an elderly woman aged 58 years old who was suffering from chronic should pain and numbness in her hand. Doctors recommended to her surgery as the only last remedy after 3 years of seeking medical help. Until one doctor advised her to try massage which she did. And for more than a year of getting massage therapy she felt relief for a few days and the pain returns again. Through recommendations by friends we met, and with the Lord’s help, three sessions were sufficient to remedy her problem, though there were few more follow ups done. It’s been 5 months since the last time I massaged her. Since, our distance of residence is 7 hours afar, I assured her that basic massage from the others is suffice to keep her shoulder and arms healthy. If needed she can call me any time.

Oh, my Friend? Based on previous clients who have the same complaint, there is a big chance her sciatic problem and numbness and carpal tunnel syndrome of her hand can be treated. I am glad there was a minimal intervention done by the surgery to not affect many nerves so our hope is high. ( I will make an update about this after more treatment was done).

But not all is a success story.

The aunt of my wife whose age is 65 is confined to her home after having a surgery more than a year now. She only moves a few steps away from her bed with the help of a walker when I was asked to go see her and see what I can do. At first glance, I know the only thing ilot can do to her is probably ease some of her pains but not to regain a few percentage of her movements.

It’s true, after the first and second treatment some of the pains were gone, but since our distance is 7 hours away by bus there was no way the therapy can be maintained at least three times a week.

And about two hundred meters away from her home, another woman who is 45 years old is also beset by almost the same problem. According to the account, she felt her problem since the 1990’s until she was bed ridden in 2010. She was not able to walk and cannot stretch her arms from the shoulder joint and elbow joint. In 2013, she was able to make little short steps, and able to use her hands somewhat. She reported of not being able to control her urine long enough to reach the toilet. Massage therapy only lessen some of the pains and she said, she can at least balance better and her bladder control improved that she no longer often wet her underwear. I don’t know if a more significant improvement was achieved if daily massage therapy and physical therapy was applied. Financial and distance of place stopped a continuation of therapy.

What do you think?

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